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What is love?
This word we often hear?
Has its meaning been diluted,
Made cryptic and unclear?

Is love a feeling,
A warmth in the heart?
Is it a spark from which
A romance does start?

Or is love much more,
Does it transcend all these?
Is it sublime and sacred,
Bringing us to our knees?
Sublime, spiritual, sacred
Yes, love is all three
For God Himself is love
Love is the Trinity

Love is patient and kind
Selfless and humble too
Love pours of one's self
And aligns with all True

Look at Christ closely
And know love complete
He accepted the Cross
Pierced hands and feet

Love is giving one's all
Pouring of self for another
Great must our love be
For our Father, sister, brother

Yet to give of one's self
Does not empty the soul
For God fills those who love
With His love perfect and whole

Rejoice then, dear Christian
Praise your Father Above
Feelings are fleeting
But perfect and eternal is love

When all passes away
When this earth is no more
Faith, hope and love remain
And love the greatest to endure

Dear Father, fill our hearts
Make them with love overflow
Let us share this love with all
That You all may know

And love You more deeply
I will each passing day
To be more like Christ
This I earnestly pray

May I see and know love
May love I show and live
May love be my fragrance
The sweet aroma I give

And I will express love
This word we often hear
I will proclaim Truth
That love is evident and clear..

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