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With Love And Care

When the Sun basks in the morning day,
She taught her child to play.
When the river gracefully flows,
She teaches her child to row.
When the wind swiftly blows,
She Whispers, Go higher, for the Kites were meant to Soar.

Off to the gardens, where flowers lay,
Feel the Smell, and cherish this beautiful day!
As time flies, dusk arrives, and darkness creeps in,
Stars will twinkle, while you have not sinned.
with love and care,beautiful
Go to bed, my lil child;
For Tomorrow you shall see,
More fun yet to come,
For everything has just begun.
Awake, the next day, we learnt to Sing,
We laughed, we fought, and we crowed our-selves King.

A split second it took, for a thunder to roar.
How was I to know; that you'll be no more?
And that the pain behind to be alone
Is seldom unknown.

Couldnt you see, that I wanted you to be with me.

Whether you're near, far or dear;
You were precious and rare;
I eventually learned not to fear;
For you filled me with your Love and Care.
Over time, I realized, it wasn't me;
It was you ; Who was full of Love and Care.
And I admit, I had turned blind and was bound not to see.

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Rheana John
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