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Persistent Friends:Episode VII: New Years! Meep Meep!

It had been three weeks since Elaine had her incident with the skateboard ramp, landing her in the hospital and revealing a mysterious figure watching over her that she had never been aware of.

After talking to her parents, her mother told her that it might be her guardian angel. Though, by her mother's expression, she doubted that her mother believed it. Regardless, Elaine had sat down and told Jack all about the experience and just as she had, he accepted it at face value, fascinated. Now she and Jack sat on New Year's Eve on her bedroom floor eating a plate of bacon wrapped chicken that her mother had made for them, while their parents both sat sipping champagne and chatting in the next room. The two children were watching Looney Tunes as Wile E. Coyote chased the Road-runner across the desert, eliciting a strong laugh from both children every few minutes.
Wile E. Coyote had just had another failed attempt landing in a coyote shaped crater at the bottom of the same ravine and was now strapped to a missile that had wheels on it, hoping to catch the Roadrunner this time.

"Silly Coyote! He's never going to catch him!" Jack laughed.

Suddenly Wile E. flew across the screen and past the Roadrunner, his head turning as the Roadrunner stared on with a blank expres-sion on his face. The coyote went another several hundred yards and suddenly the missile exploded with him on it, a dust cloud clearing with a shocked expression on Wile E's charred face. Naturally, the Roadrunner ran up beside him and said 'Meep Meep!' and took off.
"He needs to make a New Year's resolution to find a new meal." Jack said bursting out laughing.
Elaine giggled, "New Year's resolution? What's that?"
"Dad told me that people make a resolution to change something about them each New Year." "What's a resolution?" Elaine asked.
Jack shrugged. "Don't know... a change I guess?"
"That's kind of silly. If they need to change something, why don't they just do it? Why would they have to wait until a new year starts?"
Still smiling Jack shrugged again, "Don'no."
"Hmmm. Well, I will make my New Year's resolution this year to spend more time with you."
Jack looked at the top of Elaine's head. "I think you should make a resolution to wear your helmet all the time."
The Roadrunner chimed in 'Meep Meep!'
The two children burst out in laughter.

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