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PubZen - A good start up

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1. About Company: People, Idea, Vision & Mission

Mylife Spectrum Solution Pvt. Ltd (MSSPL) is a cluster of ideas and thoughts of its founders, hence MSSPL is purely a solution providing company established in March 2012. MSSPL is young & energetic , with enthusiastic brains to deliver satisfaction of best services to the clients. People behind MyLife Spectrum are the 4 young grads from MSRIT, who took up this bold decision of entrepreneurship after working in a job in a Pvt ltd company for 2 successful years.

Each one of them has their own unique ideas of business, hence clubbed to call it as "MyLife SPECTRUM". But, seriously decided to support & stand for decision & begin a business which will stand for long & provide 100s of jobs & hence address social problems through its services.

To begin with, Team started to analyze the emerging markets, & found e-commerce & digital publishing as promising. E-commerce idea is great, team has spent almost a year on it, but it requires hell lotta funding hence chose to begin with digital publishing as this is challenging & money yielding as well. This did not require as much funding as ecommerce, thus with self-funding PubZen was started.

PubZen - Digitizing wisdom, a MyLIfe Spectrum Solutions Pvt ltd venture, is into digital publishing solutions. PubZen, serves organizations & individuals in the publishing industry across the globe.

PubZen Ebook Publishing Program (PEP PROGRAM), an initiative from PubZen, to encourage & empower individual authors / writers & also organizations to digital publish their books & distribute them worldwide through digital market-places like Amazon & Apple.

PubZen - Digitizing wisdom, creates & converts ebooks in .epub, .epub2, .epub3, .mobi and many other formats of IDPF standards with 99.95% quality assurance. PubZen converts ebooks to epub or .mobi format using HTML, XHTML, XML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JAVA & many other coding languages manually, to match IDPF standards & reach 99.95% quality assurance, so that these ebooks are read in all ereader devices with actual format & style. These ebooks can be created & converted from PDF, WORD, RTF & INDESIGN files or formats of the book.

These ebooks are compatible for all the digital reader devices like Amazon Kindle, Apple's ipad/iphone, B&N's Nook, Kobo, Sony eReader and all other smartphones, tablets and digital devices PEP PROGRAM, not only just creates & Converts your digital books but also distributes & sells ebooks worldwide through digital marketplaces. PubZen distributes your ebooks across ebookstores like Amazon's kindle ebookstores, Apple's ibookstore, B&N's Nook, Kobo, Bakers & taylor and many others in future.

The PubZen Mission is "to convert every copy into a digital copy" and a vision 2013 is to "see every individual becoming an ereader from a reader within next 5 years."
2. Your Entrepreneurial journey: Tough times and your answers to them.

It's been almost 10 months now and trust me , we have experienced all lows & highs already, but these are just trailers. Highs are not highs as you might have imagined but definitely lows were just as lowest as it could be. What an every start up usual get to hear might have gone through , trust me eventually we also faced such things like funding difficulty, quality manpower, field slogging for projects, project flow rate slow down by the client due to many external factors like forex, recession etc. But we never lost trust & faith, faced every challenge and made sure they were addressed. The biggest advantage in our team is, we are four to face them, and all challenges has to face all four of them, so it makes us stronger than challenges. We made many mistakes, but made sure they didn't cause much damage. Even now after having good number of prospects and projects in hand, it's not that a cake walk, now challenges are bigger and Stronger, and so are we.

3. Future plans: Growth, Scalablity plan and Inspiration.

Future plan is to take projects step by step , reach & serve as many publishers & authors as possible. Take our services to the next highest level in the industry by quality & quantity & hence make our vision come true. Inspiration by people around us, they inspire us to make their reading habits change, & we being the reason for change. Writers & authors inspire us take their work across the globe.

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