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Have you ever started doing something you used to do and then remember how much you absolutely loved it? Something like writing, running, singing, reading etc. it could be anything!

That is basically what happened to me. As I've stated in a few articles before, I started college and with it started taking a couple dance classes to fill up my schedule. I can't believe I ever stopped doing any form of dance. I love it so much!
Growing up, I always had cheerleading practices, competitions, and parades. And by the time I got to middle school I was taking ballet and made it onto the school's drill team and that was such a different experience. The competitions were fierce and the parades were done wearing dance heels in beautiful outfits. So by the time I moved to Northern California I was "dance-less" to say the least. I mean, at the time it wasn't so much of a problem because I was trying to get used to a new middle school and new people as well as a new house. It's a lot for an eleven year-old to go through. But after a year I was able to join another cheerleading group, the Pleasant Hill Rebels, as a flier. I really did enjoy being tossed up in the air and getting back into the dance swing again. Sadly though, that particular group only went up to eighth grade level, so the oldest you could really be was thirteen. So, leaving Rebels cheer and moving on to high school left me with kind of one option. There was a dance class offered at the school and I signed up for it.

Oh. My. Goodness. This dance class was the last thing that I even imagined. Let's just say that it was probably what turned me away from dancing and onto roller hockey and writing. Big hobby jump, right? Yeah.. but it gave me a great start for my first novel, Antiserum Part I. Thank you to a few characters playing their part!

Anyway, for the next three-and-a-quarter years I was busy with writing my first and second novel as well as playing roller hockey on an all-boys team. I also learned how to market in every way I could which was a great career push.

All of this kept me real busy throughout high school and by the time I graduated I had quite a few things going on. And even after graduation I had an almost month long trip traveling the British Isles! Yes, I was a very busy bee.

By the time I came back though, I was pretty late for signing up for college courses and was only left with a select few things and ruled out taking any of the creative writing courses and English courses that I wanted to take in order to strengthen my background in writing. Luckily, I was still able to take World Mythology which was an English course that required heavy reading and essay writing skills. Thank goodness! I was also signed up for ballet fundamentals and a dance reparatory class that would perform our work at the end of the school semester.
And that's where it begins!!! I had fallen back in love with dancing. On top of that, I was more in shape and healthier than I've been in a while which is something I strive for. I'm constantly trying to improve all of my dance skills now and I love how much of a challenge it can be to get certain combinations down perfectly and it's also fun to do! I'm really happy to say that because of dance, I was able to figure out the rest of my college planning and future endeavors. This really came as a relief because, believe it or not even though I made it out to seem like I knew what I wanted to do, I still was slightly confused and unsure. DON'T WORRY THOUGH! I still really love writing and am still keeping it up with the third Antiserum installment. The only difference is that I'm happier with what I'm doing which gives me more drive for, practically, everything! Yes, me even happier, lol!!

I strongly feel that if someone goes back to a hobby that they truly loved, even if it's just a pass-time activity, that they'll feel so much happier. Even if it's once or twice a week that you're able to do it (like myself), they'll still feel... how should I say it... they'll feel ready for each week with a positive outcome. I know I do and I honestly can't wait for each day I have school and whenever I can I dance even if it's just down the hall!

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Patricia Carrigan
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