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Strengthen with known pressure

One more lesson that flows out of my gym is here for my dear readers. Recently I had met with an accident due to which I had hurt my hands a bit. I could not ride bike again for few days and I could not lift heavy weights as the best flexible and supporting parts, wrist and thumb were hit a bit. I could not apply any pressure on my hands and had to be really careful when anyone would even hold them accidentally. Finally when I hit back to the gym, I did not apply any pressure on them and just did cardio exercises for some time. After a while I had to start with weight training, else I would completely lose my motivation and energy. This weight-training would in turn apply pressure on my hands' wrist and thumb. That's when I came across this lesson.
strengthen with known pressure,motivation
Since the muscles and joints hit take some time to recover, it is not possible to dump heavy weights on them immediately and majority of the upper body exercises cannot be done at all when hands are hurt. I had to do something that could help in faster recovery as well as heavy-weights handling. That's when I started doing strengthening exercises in which you choose a weight that will cause only that much pain which you can with-stand. As the mind already knows the amount of stress applied the muscle gets ready to bear the strain pain.

When this exercise is repeated for regular number of repetitions the recovery and strengthening happen much faster. As a result of this I could once again resume back to my weight training reasonably well and hope to recover from the existing pain soon and move on to muscle building.
The whole lesson from this was that when you know the amount of pressure you can handle, you can apply it upon yourself for the time period and the number of times you de-cide. Every time pressure is there and you work under it there are increasing chances of strengthening yourself, developing further and raising your pressure handling threshold. Only under the pressure does a coal become a dia-mond. So if you can calibrate the pressure by yourself, you can clearly chart out the plan for your growth else there is bound to be external pressure that will fall upon you and that too at unexpected time with unexpected magnitude for which you might not be prepared at all. So the best option would be to apply pressure of known magnitudes that you can handle and strengthen yourself really well by pushing the pressure handling capacity to the maximum so that you are strong enough to handle the external unknown pres-sures at crucial junctures of life.

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