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Life reboot - Inventing new veg food items

Research is passion for some people. Research with a cause brings something new. For Prof. Manoj, the purpose of all his research is to promote vegetable food. "Be Veg" asserts Prof. Manoj. "What can be made with egg, the same we can make vegetarian also, and that will be tastier - so go VEG". For Prof. Manoj, it is a passion to invent, popularise and promote vegetarian food. He is deeply a researcher. For Prof. Manoj, the purpose of all his research is to invent vegetarian food items. Research has been his passion for a long time. He invented many products including bread with shelf life of over 2 years, Cattle Feed made from old bread (which is returned back from shops), bakery food items with shelf life above 2 years.

Prof. Manoj started his career as Chef in the Taj, Mumbai. Later, he shifted as researcher with Bakels and started inventing vegetarian products with longer shelf life. Suddenly, an incident forced him to change his journey. His father suffered paralytic attack and had to take complete bed rest. Age-old Indian values forced Prof. Manoj to keep his career aside, when it came to serving his old parents. Prof. Manoj decided to quit the job and return to Jaipur. He could quit the job, but couldn't quit the researcher inside. He joined Gyan Vihar University and here he got the real research environment once again. His inventions enabled many bakery shops to introduce new vegetarian food items. With the blessings of his father he was able to invent many new food items in this duration. In fact, his life got a reboot.
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In 2008, Prof. Manoj prepared the world's largest Bread (Weight 180 Kg with a diameter of 12.5 feet), and in 2009, he prepared the world's largest Pav Bread (3900 meters in length). It was at that time that the idea of inventing new vegetarian food came to his mind. A journalist told him, "Everyone can make a Roti or Bread - if you can use your skills in making some new dish which we have not tasted, it will make us feel good". Prof. Manoj took this as a challenge. It took him 3 years to research and experiment with different food items. All his research revolved around creating vegetarian food items. He wanted to prepare new vegetable food items which none had till date prepared or would dare to prepare in future.

The first item that he invented was Vegetable Pie. Pie is a French food item. It is made with eggs and other non-veg items. Prof. Manoj decided to start with this. He created a vegetarian Pie. He succeeded in this and found that the vegetable pie tasted better than the non-veg pie. He found that the largest pie made till date (as per world record statistics) was 65kg pie. He decided to make a bigger pie and offer to the people. He chose 18th of August, 2013 for this purpose. Prof. Manoj and his team started in the morning at 7 am. By 4.30pm the Pie was ready. When they weighed it, the total weight was 700 kg (including the frame), the net weight of the pie was 365 KG - a new world record. Over 400 people from Jaipur took a bite each of the Pie and cherished the rich taste.
For most people, it was the first ever bite of a pie. When the same journalist saw Prof. Manoj preparing Vegetable Pie, he quipped him with another question: "What do you get after all this labour and effort - is it worth putting so much of efforts?" Prof. Manoj replied, "Lots of people from Jaipur came to taste pie. I have been getting queries from many restaurants about how to prepare vegetable pie - this process will eventually flood the bakery shops and restaurants with vegetarian food items."

Next is Vegetable Augratin - another French food item. Prof. Manoj has been experimenting with this for the last 8 months. He is all set to make a huge Vegetable Augratin in Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur on 9/3/14.

Prof. Manoj is presently the Principal of Department of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur.

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