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Shades of Grey

Blunt to the bone
to him who is straight-forward,
Polished to the skin
to her who is sophisticated..

Open in the mind
to him that is true by nature,
A filter to the thoughts
Being induced by the frenemy..

Truth to the vein
to he who understands,
Silence till the grave
To whom words are folly..
shades of grey,different faces
Love in the blood
for he that seeks it from me,
Guarded in the mind
for he who seeks it from many..

Cut glass by glass,
Diamond by diamond..
But remove that tiny thorn
that hurts an innocent girl..

To be as hard as diamond,
and as soft as sand..
As tough as rock,
as delicate as talc..

All this and more,
is what life has helped me be!
I'm all those shades of grey,
Would you as well wish to be?

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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