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The man on the street

As I rushed to my office in my air conditioned car
on an extraordinary hot day;
my glance suddenly fell on him...

He just had one ragged and tattered cloth on his body
which was filthy, muddy and murky;
just enough to cover his essential parts.
His hair was ruffled and tangled, home of hundreds of lice.
He lay unwanted and discarded in a corner.
Just near him lay a polythene bag, with a dry chapatti sticking out
He tried to get hold of that bag, but just then
a dog came and snatched it away...
the man on the street,ragged
He laughed and laughed and laughed.

His laughter remains ingrained in my mind
forcing me to think, reflect and ruminate;
how the man must have reached this state?

Was it only a mental state which resulted due to absence
of some chemicals in the brain?
Or was his state a result of continuous and continual
disregard and disdain by his near or dear ones?
Or was it that his near and dear ones were lost forever?

It was a question whose answers are too difficult
to understand or comprehend;
nevertheless, all I could apprehend was
it was a life too precious to be lost so imprudently and recklessly....

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Neelam Saxena Chandra
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