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Ticking time!

Lost in an illusion
of eternity was I,
When the value of a day
he chose to show..

Inside a bubble
of fantasy was I,
When reality of an hour
he threw in my face..
ticking time,illusion
Floating on the clouds
of insanity was I,
when soberness for a minute
he granted to me..

Gazing at the comet
from my castle was I,
when distracted for a second
he caused me to be..

And it all came crashing to me,
The truth of it all..
Eternity will be how I spend my hours..
A bubble will last but an hour..
Sanity returning after a minute is in vain..
A shooting star is lost in a second..

Time answers, time conquers,
For she is the Queen of it all..

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Sandhya Nagaraj
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