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Layers of Flickering Lights

layers of flickering lights,neelam saxena Chandra

I love to write. My mind just sends out signals to write. Anywhere. Anytime. Sometimes what comes out is a piece of fiction and at other times it is a poetry.

Besides that, I am a dreamer. I always dream for positive things. I always wish that the world can be made a better place to live in.

When the above two traits got combined, a poetry book was born. Our soul is surrounded by layers of flickering lights. Sometimes, they smolder. At other times, they cinder. But a flame is always there. If one concentrates on it, one can reach any heights.

'Layers of flickering lights' is a poetry book published by Authorspress India and is available internationally on their site.

What sort of poetry should one expect from the book? Well, given below is a synopsis on which the poems are based.

To listen to the mind or to the heart ? I am sure most of us, at some time or the other in our life, have been confronted with this question, which was extremely difficult and challenging to answer. The heart, guided by the eternal soul, is happy to be in its own state. If one does not heed its feeble voice, it stays in its cocoon, reminding off and on that it does exist. For all practical purposes, it shuts itself.

Then how does one traverse this gap?
For this, one has to perform his/her own journey, so that the gap diminishes and through the heart one reaches the guiding light or the flame called the soul. However, to permeate those layers of flab of negligence and reach the heart is a tough and arduous journey indeed. Before one can touch it, the mind keeps flickering, passing through various phases, moods and moments. The intensity, the reach, and the steadiness, all three vary. Sometimes it just moves to and fro, other times it quivers, at times it flutters and vibrates till it reaches a state of permanent equilibrium with the heart.

Only the one who is determined and steadfast on this path, and has acquired the needed clarity of his goal and vision, is able to finally reach this balance. Otherwise, it so happens that most tend to get lost in the path.

In this book, I have tried to describe the voyage to the ultimate equilibrium through poetry.

While traversing the path, different emotions cross the mind. The boundaries of our thoughts display a range of emotions just like various spectrums of colors in the sky. However, the seasons change, so do the colors. The only permanent entity is Love and it is this Love which binds one to the other helping to reach the state of balance.

It is natural for one to get a feeling that the goal is unreachable at a point, while at times it may seem too close. One keeps fluctuating between the hope and the expectations on one hand and futility and despair on the other hand.

When in pessimistic mode, one should always remember that darkness is but an illusion. At the end of all black tunnels, there is light. Pain and agony are imparted and wounds induced, not to make one feel despondent or lose hope; but that the light can enter through them. The universe does not ever wish the entirety to ebb, but wishes for it to adorn new clothes and bounce back with new persistence, courage and wisdom.

Let one's thoughts fly like a dream which is limitless, which can penetrate all walls,which can shatter all barriers. Let the bird of one's faith fly with hope, buoyancy and aspirations; emitting exuberance and optimism, swaying and swinging with the winds, promising to conquer the skies.
After all, when the body perishes, the thoughts and dreams too shall pass away and everything shall come to a standstill till the soul adorns new clothes and once again passes through the same cycle.

The dots of the puzzle called life are still disjointed and the soul waits for the time to reveal itself for there is nothing like universal truth. Truth is just a subset of reality and there can just be universal reality.

One should continuously endeavour to try to reach that equilibrium between mind and heart so that one is transformed into a world of inequitable sanguinity and bliss.

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Neelam Saxena Chandra
Neelam Saxena Chandra is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine

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