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If I could rewind........??

There’s a famous quote saying, “A successful leader is one who can create more such successful leaders”. Most of the times, we just hear to such quotes and not many times we get to witness such occasions. A person’s success is not solely counted by his stories of success; it’s also counted by the number of stories of success that have got created because of him. Student life is golden life and especially the school life is much more beautiful because students still has the freedom of choosing their line of interest; they can still give time for their passions and lot of play time. At the same time, it’s the time to choose the right company of friends, mould themselves in the best way possible, recognize their talents and build leadership qualities.
If I could rewind, learning
It feels so good when young boys and girls of schools who have just stepped into higher primary standards, involve in lot of activities that help them overcome their fear of talking to people and fear of stage. It was on 18th of January, 2015, IU Clubs Convention, an interschool event wherein students of public speaking and leadership clubs of different schools took part. It was mind blowing to listen to the actions and initiatives they took to bring in a positive social change and become a reason for positive changes in their surroundings. Children expressed their feelings and work fearlessly on stage. At times, I was wonder struck seeing their levels of perceptions, their way of looking at things, seriously! I just wished for a moment- "Can I ever rewind my life to take those things into me at that age? What if I had learnt those things then or come across such instances then?"

Few lessons which I’ve taken back from that day deep into myself are “Learning can be taken from anyone and everyone irrespective of their age and there is no age limit to learn” and one more thing is that “never keep space for regrets in life”. Never create space for regrets in the sense, whatever you wish to learn or achieve, just go for it without thinking of what would happen next when you have opportunities around you. But when you don’t have one, don’t stop! Search one or create one for yourself!

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Aashitha R Pade
Aashitha R Pade is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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