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One Powerful Thought!

It’s about a very simple, yet a very powerful thought that has greatly influenced and has been consistently influencing me! This world of today is surviving on hopes, beliefs & better expectations from tomorrow. But a lot of times, what we expect to happen with us and what actually happens would be miles apart and there wouldn’t be any correlation between the two. That’s when and where the problems arise and life is said to become challenging.  Quite naturally, in the beginning, when things altogether take a different direction, it would be a little tough to accept the reality of the situation and move ahead. Though we know that there is no alternative than changing our direction, the mind just can’t easily let go off things. Mind is like a circuit where thoughts that enter once keep circulating there until you find a way out for them to flow.

It wouldn’t be just once or twice or thrice that we encounter these kinds of situations. Hence, quite obviously we just can’t keep thoughts accumulated there pressurizing our minds. It’s always better to get along with the turning that you encounter and move ahead. The faster you adapt to the situation, the faster you find a way out to discover yourself yet again! Your dream would have been to succeed in a particular field and unfortunately you don’t get to go in that line. So, does that mean you wouldn’t succeed in any other field you are destined to choose? No, definitely not. Ultimately, your dream was to succeed and it doesn’t matter if you particularly don’t succeed in one and succeed in the other. There are innumerable routes to success in life. Finally, same success what you had desired to achieve might be achieved in a whole new way without you even knowing that you have ended up where you wanted.

One Powerful Thought
Initially, we don’t get to understand why this happened with us and we start living in the feeling of 'after all, why was it only me chosen to be here?' and so on. But, probably as time passes by, you get the answers to all your questions. It was may be because God knew that this is the field where you would excel and make your mark. You might be put into problem initially where you don’t get answers for your questions. But it’s all for your good is what I’ve believed or moreover realized this day. There are innumerable examples of people who have marked their stories of success this way. Some of the best examples would be: scientists who start their experiment in the search of an answer for something and they would’ve ended up in a whole new experiment and discovered something else which they wouldn’t even have thought of!

My message for all of them who would be in quest of answers for their unanswered questions is simple and straight- “Just keep your goals alive. Don’t let go your focus from your goal. Let a temporary shift off from your focus happen and start progressing in new direction with that same belief. Finally, you’ll definitely end up where you wanted to be but in a whole new way!” 

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Aashitha R Pade
Aashitha R Pade is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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