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What do I pen down????

If there is a passion or special interest for something, it doesn’t allow you to sit quiet without doing it. Same way, I love to write; write my experiences, express my views and feelings. For me, it’s the best way to put out your thoughts and allow them to flow. After having written a few articles, interest develops to write even more. At times, I strongly feel to write. But what to write, what do I have to write, what I have done to write something today are the questions that come to my mind. Then I just take a pen and a book and start writing with a cup of coffee or a song playing mildly. Then slowly the thoughts start flowing. When you feel there’s nothing to write, that’s when you have lots actually!
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Nothing in this world remains in the same state and nothing is constant except change. Change is constant and one needs to adapt to those changes accordingly. By law of nature, any moving body comes to rest over time, ball dropped from certain height falls down over time, pendulum of clock oscillating comes to constant position of rest when there is no energy remaining in it and so on. So, basically anything in this world comes down unless some external force is acting on it to keep the same momentum on. Similarly, any positive thought or motivation fades off with time until and unless it’s constantly fuelled. Henceforth, time is said to have the power to heal and nullify effects.

One’s works are constant if they have created some impact on people and touched their lives. For any positivity to sustain, it has to keep happening. In the same way, a person has to keep working and keep achieving. When they come to an end of a certain work, it should only indicate a new beginning. Never stop. Constantly keep doing more and achieve more. Then keep working more and keep achieving more. So, on a concluding note, if I haven’t had something important to write, it only means that I haven’t done enough to actually put down my thoughts.

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Aashitha R Pade
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