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Why the past?

Many people around the world have problems with their pasts. Some people have had horrified past while some people have been lucky enough to have had pleasant and peaceful pasts. Everyone cannot escape their pasts! Each one has to deal with it.
why the past, memories
Many a times people often fail to forget their pasts because of going through horrified situations. They think about it all day long, make themselves depressed and lose out on the enjoyments of life. But isn't there any solution to it? The problem isn't about the past. The problem is with people. People never try to think of finding a solution and they never do. They always think that they are the only people who face it being unknown to pasts of other people around them! They are their own prisoners.

There are also people who have overcome their pasts and moved in life learning from it. They have kept a constant smile and have accepted the fact about their past. To those people who haven't been able to move on accepting their past, we have found a solution. The solution is simple - CHANGE. Yes, changing the way you think about your past will surely help you to move on. Instead of thinking how much pain it caused you, think how much it taught you. Get to know your mistakes, learn them and avoid repeating the same mistakes again. Trust me, this simple solution will change the way you are living with your horrified past and make your life a lot better.
"Yesterday is gone, Tomorrow has not come, today is a gift (that's why it's called present),dont miss the chance to grab it."

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Purav Parekh
Purav Parekh is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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