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The Amazing Power of Emotional Bonding

The mountain and the water

As mountain, I remained firm, but he adapted
While I shouted with a snob, he smiled
While I detested, he rejoiced
While I abhorred, he admired
While I loathed and abominated, he loved and engulfed
While I recoiled and repelled, he embraced
While I riled and alienated, he endeared
All my malice had to disappear
I had to give way to his tender touch.

Imagine a heavenly earth. What is special that you can imagine there besides beautiful surroundings? It would be smiling and supportive people. Is it not there in the world that we see all around? Most of us experience troubles in dealing with people. It is the human beings, who are today creating problems for other human beings. Most people experience problems in dealing with emotions. In fact, we are today living on bundles of problems, which can explode any time on any person in any situation. These problems are piling up daily due to the accumulating frustrations that people are experiencing. There is a store house of problems that we all can bear and beyond which we also pass on similar emotions to others. In most occasions, we don’t just pass on our emotions, we add, multiply and accentuate the emotions. We receive an experience of improper conduct from some person, we multiply and pass it on to other people, who then carry that with bitter memories and pass further to next sets of people. The cycle must end somewhere, but how?

The Amazing Power of Emotional Bonding,love,care,support
Many small problems can be solved in just a few seconds through the emotions of love, care, support and compassion. Have you ever noticed people arguing, fighting, or debating? Now, notice them more carefully and in a detached manner. You will observe many interesting aspects. You will find that the matter of argument has become secondary and emotional outburst takes precedence. Most people spend arguing without actually listening to the other person. Most people fight with each other with emotional outbursts, which they themselves would deprecate when they would calm down.

There can be many approaches to deal with human problems. We all have to learn the art of dealing with emotions. We all have to practise the art of extending unconditional love and compassion towards others. We all have to prepare ourselves for those moments, when we may have to experience emotional outburst of someone. How can we handle such situations? Avoiding immediate reaction is one very important strategy. We have to prepare ourselves to keep restraint on ourselves and reserve our reactions and replies. We have to learn to check our language and our body language. Keeping calm for some time and waiting for the right moment can be one such approach. Every one of us know about these strategies, but the fact remains that it’s all easy to speak, but difficult to practise.
People who are human resource managers, sales managers, public relations officers or customer relations managers are often given extensive training in dealing with people. In fact, it is a part of their role to absorb emotional outbursts and take care of the other person with amazing compassion, care and warmth. I would like to give an example of a HR manager here. When he joined an organisation, he received public insult from a union leader of the organisation. He, however, remained calm. After a few days, he came to know about the ill-health of the mother of the union leader. He immediately rushed to the hospital where she was admitted. When he reached the old lady, he noticed that the lady was shivering with cold. He started massaging the old lady’s feet to give her comfort. The union leader just arrived at the site. Seeing this he burst into tears. He couldn’t control himself saying, “this is the first time a person from management has come to ask for my mother’s health. Sir you are so humble, so great…” And it was the beginning of a new relationship. The union leader became a staunch follower of the HR manager thereafter. This is the proof of the amazing power of emotional bonding. We can win heart of any person and can bring any person in our hold.

Let us inhale infinite compassion for other fellow beings all around us and exhale unconditional deeply felt love, care, compassion and support to whomsoever we meet. Let us fill the lives of others with amazing experiences of human touch. Let other people realize that we do care and our emotional support is not based on( any selfish motive. Let the other person also experience the reservoir of emotional bonding.

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Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain
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