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10 Commandments of Social Media Marketing

1. Don't measure your results

Social media is so unique, why try to reduce the magic to numbers? You know in your heart that the engaging campaign you just ran truly moved the needle. You're so busy doing that it doesn't make sense to stop doing in order to measure. That would take your eye off the prize.

2. Ignore the Competition

Your company is as unique as you, and if you're going to get ahead it's best to ignore the competition. Competitive performance is just a distraction. And, if you grew your audience or your engagement by 10 percent, it would only depress you to learn that your competitor grew them by 200 percent.

3. Pull, Don’t Push

One of the first lessons you will learn very quickly when engaging in social media is that traditional forms of marketing don’t work the way they do off social media. Don’t come out of the gate pushing your products or services. New tools require new rules.

4. Content is still King

Nothing beats well-written, informative and entertaining content in all its variant forms: blog posts, tweets, status updates, video, podcasts, images, webinars or whitepapers. Its benefits are numerous.

5. You don’t have to be on every Social Network

It’s impossible to maintain an active presence on every social network and you don’t have to. You should be where your customers are, however.
10 Commandments of Social Media Marketing, content development,competition
6. Experiment 

Though it does come with a set of largely unwritten rules, social media does not have a set of philosophical or practical codes. There is still plenty of room for experimentation. In fact, that’s the only way the medium will ever grow.

7. Win the Right to be heard

Your value as a participant is judged in keeping with the value you provide the community as a whole. Become a “glory hog” and you’ll garner very little attention. Share freely, and you will become a respected member.

8. Manage Your Connections

Regularly go through your connections and weed out the ones who are totally irrelevant to you. If your community doesn't resonate with your target market, they will not want to interact there.

9. Follow Up

The goal of social networking is to take the relationship to the next step, whether it’s booking a sales session or a speaking engagement, setting up an appointment for coffee, or getting together to learn more about each other’s business. 

10. Make A Commitment And Give It Time.
Every business, big and small started with one friend, one fan, and one follower. You will start small and grow your online presence over time. Social Media success is a long-term commitment, stick with it.
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