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How to start your own Facebook Page

Want to launch a Facebook page for your company, brand, service, or product and don’t know where to start? Follow the steps. 

1. Go to www.facebook.com/pages and click on “Create a Page”. If you are not registered on Facebook yet, you can create a Business Account. There are 2 benefits of having a business account. Firstly, you can share the credentials of this page with anyone even if they do not have their own Facebook account. Secondly, you can administer advertising from this account.

2. Choose your name carefully because once you have 100 likes you will not be able to make any change to the name of the page. 

3. Choose Appropriate Applications. Facebook provides a wide variety of applications that are great for managing the content on your page. Reviews, Social RSS, YouTube Video Box are some of them. 

Facebook Page, Online Presence
4. Create a Webpage Address. Webpage address can be changed only once. So, think long term before creating one. 

5. Do not leave the descriptions blank. The more information you give, the better your brand will be understood. 

6. Before you start promoting the page make sure that the profile picture, cover photo and at-least one post is up. 

7. Once the page is updated and ready to be promoted, you can start building audience by inviting your friends choosing “Invite Friends” option (Like<Following<Message<Save<Invite Friends)

8. Consistency is one of the key aspects of Social Media. Once the page is up, make sure that the page has consistent posts and activity. 

Well begun is a lot done. You now have an online presence on Social Media. That doesn’t mean it ends here. More to it in the upcoming article…
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