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Think HATke - In Rara way promoted by MGMIMSR

Rara Avis is the annual fest of MGM IMSR. Rara Avis promotes “think HATke” a differential thought; in other words, “going against the flow”.

Who or what is MGM you ask?

Well, then answering your question MGM (Mahatma Gandhi Mission) is a well known foundation/trust or in other words “Aladdin Ka Chirag” catering to the various educational needs of the society. It has been serving Mumbai and Navi Mumbai regions for 32 glorious years.

We call it “Aladdin Ka Chirag” because it possesses a large number of educational institutions ranging from Management, Medical, Dental to Physiotherapy and Engineering all over Maharashtra and beyond. Among all these, the Management institution-MGM IMSR plays an enlightening, yet a crucial role in edifying and magnifying the image of MGM. MGMIMSR which is in Kamothe, Navi Mumbai offers specialization in MMS course and has been serving our society for more than 20 years.
THINK HATKE - IN RARA WAY promoted by MGMIMSR, mumbai
Since the inception of Rara Avis in the year 2008, it has worked its way into the hearts & minds of the people. Continuing with the tradition, and moving on, with the thought of going against the tide, this year MGM IMSR presents to you Rara Avis - ‘Think HATke’ 2015, conceived from the concept of ‘Six Thinking Hats’ by Edward De Bono. “If it’s a good thing repeat it.” Who said? It doesn’t matter, as Shakespeare quotes in one of his writings “what’s in a name?" The point being, IMSR repeats the ‘good thing’ every year by hosting its youth oriented fest Rara Avis, which reflects “A Thing Rarely Encountered”. This fest is a rich blend of culture and academics, an anthem of high adrenaline rush, a tussle of management strategies and decision making. It extends an opportunity to showcase your attitude and aptitude in a “Think HATke” way.

The three day mega event is a junction of future business leaders, Cultural and sports enthusiasts from the length and breadth of the city and beyond.
THINK HATKE - IN RARA WAY promoted by MGMIMSR, mumbai
The eye catchy events that’ll surely draw your attention in this fest are: Trade Teaser, Brand Bucket, Talk out or Knock out (unlike the boxing ring, here you need to use your mouth), Junkyard wars like star wars but a bit HATke - a few events on the Management front.

On the sports front we have Capture the Queen (Don’t leave her alone), Joga Bonito (Score the goal), Check your speed while playing ‘Need For Speed’, Plant a bomb or Defuse one in Counter Strike, Be a warrior in Tug of war. Zara Hatke Dikha, Hatwalk, Face Fedora, Pixels Panama, and Tattoo Painting - a few events on the cultural front.

This rarely encountered fest Rara Avis will kick off on 11th of February and the party continues till 13th of February, 2015. Every available and able hand on the deck (faculties and students) are working enthusiastically to make your stay more joyful and we want you to be a part and parcel of the success we aim to achieve.

You have 3 days to prove your mettle here, to relax, to be different, and to be the chosen one. Work is for people with jobs; joy is for people with us. You’ll never remember the class time, but what you’ll remember is the time spent here with your friends. So, visit us… Let’s meet up on 11th, 12th and 13th of February. The work never ends but college life does.

Contact Number: Noopur Koli: 9833884824

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