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A pebble of help

In this large ocean of life
Let me do at least a pebble of help, to a life;
Let my help, cast new spell of magic to their life -
Oh God! Indeed let me be of some help to someone’s life

I might not be a change maker;
What I wish to be is at least a change creator!
Which would just act as a sure indicator,
And would change many lives above the ordinary perception meter.

My help need not be materialistic,
Let my help be more realistic,
In a kind by which they can earn their own firewood stick;
Which would get them respect and help lead a life that is more enthusiastic.

May this chain of help continue in the same humanity lane,
And reach out, many more helping hands by increase in its fame;
Enabling build a perfect team, which would set up a prestigious positional name;
Which would reach out to masses and would help build the country's future AIM!!!

In this busy life, everyday, we walk out with lot of ideas, hopes and beliefs - and walk into the same rat race where everyone are walking with lot of new hopes and beliefs. What makes us different form others? I am sure everyone are stuck with this confusion as to even walking out with ideas and new hopes would also lead ourselves into rat race! But how and why? The answer is very simple “Action speaks louder than words”. For example – If a boss gives an appreciation that the work done was commendable, we feel good. At the same time, if the boss appreciates our work and announces it in front of other employees it will be amazing, but what would blow us up is, if boss would arrange a ceremony and then put his words into action by rewarding with any gift or certificate. Right?
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In the same way, a lot of people walk out with lot of new ideas and hope but fail to implement it. Hence, I mentioned it as everyone are a part of rat race. You can surely come out of this - by sharing ideas, spreading the words and pitching across the same to everyone you meet. In this, at least you are out of rat race and have got into action and surely this would be implemented one or the other day and would spread. Without our knowledge there would be lot many people who would be helped by that idea, lot many people who would be spreading the idea and lot many people who would get a trigger to spread their ideas as well. At last, we would be not considered as people who would follow a blind line.

In the same way, my friend Mr. Suraj HM and I were introduced to this wonderful social project called IUOSB – Inspiration Unlimited One Sided Books, where the one sided plain or unwritten sheets are collected and binded into books and gifted to underprivileged kids. This is one of the projects that are listed in IU Cares which is founded by Mr. Sujit lalwani – An Inspirational speaker who has addressed more than 3 million people, Founder of many youth platforms such as i3, IU1010 etc. Thrilled with the idea, we took up the project and rigorously worked continuously for 3days and collected 28,654 sheets in total with the help of our volunteer friends Anusha GS, Shruthi HS, Surabhi and Roopa Shri. The sheets were contributed firstly from our own houses and we all approached various shops, friends, relatives, schools, colleges etc. And finally, on the occasion of National Youth Day we went to a Government Aided School named Rajeshwari School at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore and gifted 150 books to 150 students and spread the education on reusing and recycling and spread knowledge about the life history of Swami Vivekananda, the idol of every youth and inspired the students with his stories.

My volunteer friends were thoroughly thrilled and happy with the action that we took up, I felt, “The happiness in collecting, binding and gifting is on one side and the smiles that we get to exchange at the moment is out of the world feeling; everyone must experience it to understand it.” Indeed my friend Mr.suraj HM shared, “The culture of gifting must be inculcated by every individual. That is when mindsets change and perceptions grow higher and feelings would reach deeper into the souls." All my volunteer friends were indeed excited and at the end, they all had to just say that “If likeminded people get together that is when we see revolution happening, where we just did not give books, we gave them a dream to record and a book to note it down and a push to thrive for their dreams”.

At the end, what I would like to stress upon is that, we should support such projects that are change driven and impactful to get out of rat race and to get into the world of leading people towards their dreams.

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Jeevitha DM
Jeevitha DM is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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