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Youthfullness is all about action

Many of us know about Swami Vivekananda and his brilliant impact on the world. He is the idol for all the youth who want to be leaders but little did we know that his birthday is celebrated as the National Youth Day of India on January 12th. 10 of us had assembled to celebrate it. On January 8th, we decided to make a difference in this world by celebrating it on 12th and we all celebrated it in a different way and that is by taking action. We were made into 5 teams and each of us got a different project to execute. We got IUY2C project, a project where we go to government schools and orphanages and talk to the children over there about careers, dreams, fears and challenges.
Youthfullness is all about action,iucares,iuy2c
Mr. Vishwesh Wali and me were in a team and we decided to go to schools mainly in the areas Vijaynagar, Gottigere, Laggere and Hulimavu in the Garden City. We also covered an orphanage on Sunday called So Care Ind and students were very ambitious over there. We talked about careers , computers and stage fear to high school and higher primary school students. To lower primary school students we talked about good habits,practices and other moral values.

The thing about IUY2C is that we learn to speak from our heart. We can make any person listen to whatever we have to say even if it's boring but not a child. Children want to be spoken through heart and that's what we learned. We saw that lot of students are having big dreams but they didn't have the direction to achieve it. We shared few common guidance that we could give, impacted totally around 5000+ students through our volunteers who enjoyed doing it as well. The Happiness and smile brought on children's faces when we were about to leave the school was a priceless moment for us giving us a sense of joy and satisfaction. I feel lucky enough to be involved in this project and like to implement this every year. I thank IUcares Foundation for this wonderful opportunity.

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