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Brittle by age, not by will

One of those days when I woke up feeling uneasy,
starting my day early, cursing life for being bitter,
staring into the crowd I noticed:
Ripe in her age, on the road she sat;
fading vision that her glasses could barely compensate;
a petite bunch of newspapers she sold.
hopeful eyes that looked out for more coins in her bowl,
she sat alone in the morning's cold.
Brittle by age, not by will
A moment's distraction teaching me a lesson for life!
How strong her trust in Thee must be!
To not bow down no matter what it takes,
to have such hope and courage that earns her bread!
An immense sacrifice of a soul whilst learning its lesson,
reminding others to count their blessings!
If this isn't inspiration, I don't know what is!

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Apoorva K R
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