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Caution is what life gives us every moment,
To be different from others in this live life event;
Unrealistic must be our dreams that we see every night,
Resilient we must be to accomplish them holding our thoughts right!

Fear is something that can mislead us from this sight,
FACE IT - is the only suggestion that could make you hold your dreams tight;
Because after every failure life gifts sweeter bite;
So, “Fearless” must be your attitude to lead you to bright.
Positive or negative accept it straight;
Don’t give up your dream for something in spite!
Be bold enough to accept the situation and digest the fact,
Do anticipate best to worst and chill for rest and take delight.

Learn from the things that give you light,
That is when you feel knowledgeable and ignite,
As, that is what would lead you to limelight,
Adapt to things and fly like a kite.

All dream to fly, but few only board the flight;
Whatever it may be, believe that you are capable of reaching magical height;
Where you imagine to walk out with a pride and not plight!
So, thrive for your dreams, leave the fright and travel to light.

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Jeevitha DM
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