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What spells hope more than dawn??
To see the first rays of the day on your lawn,
Fills your heart with warmth this ray,
Tells you things will be better today.
It erases all of yesterday’s pain,
To urge you to try again and again,
It clears the air filled with cries,
Sun that sets will surely rise.

For a life that has lost all hope,
It enlightens the mind and helps it cope,
Ah! The first ray has touched the ground,
The darkness has gone and happiness can be found.

The ray enters a desperate heart,
Fills it with hope part by part,
A new day has begun, restart your life,
And you will succeed if you strive.

Do not delve in the past; about the future do not worry,
Past is a history, future is a mystery,
Present is what today is named,
For it is a gift that shouldn’t be gamed...

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Keerthana Udupa
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