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Just Because

I am lone thinker without skill
I think of you with my mind still
I am alive with dead senses
My heart beats with love sentences

I fear my footsteps while walking alone
I do miss a delicate pair besides my lone
I am shy enough to interact and
Lips fear bound slave
Just Because
I do talk to my heart
In which you acquire a permanent place
My eyes see a virtual world outside
My heart looks into the real you besides

I don’t have a gang for fun
I spent my time with my heart
In which you rest as seldom setting sun..
Nobody to heed my griefs

I pour them to my heart in torment..
And you consume every chunk of it
Because you occupy
Every niche as a permanent tenant

When I am utterly broken and miss you
You become tears and hug my face
Wiping out all pains to enhance its grace
A book is ones best friend.. Supplies enough

My heart can boycott these for handsome remittance
You are the one which never ends

Just because
You don’t love me the way I do..
I do love you more than I do..

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