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Never mind, I needed urgent help

Never mind I needed urgent help
Stranded behind artificial borders I wailed
At dusk on the stormy waters I travailed
Amidst the hostile cold I prevailed
Only to get to the shores not to be hailed
Never mind I needed urgent help
Never mind, I needed urgent help
My life wasted away whilst you debated
On air and in your parliaments you deliberated
All along, my pleas were unabated
A crisis you helped consciously or otherwise created
Never mind I needed urgent help

I am the poor child that washed ashore
I am the little child that wished to conquer the shore
I am the dreamer whose dreams could be realized beyond the shore
Helplessly i sailed on the wings of fate beyond the shore
Never mind I needed urgent help

In my house is chaos and anarchy
Oligarchy is not the answer, so is monarchy
Though the human spirit leads the hierarchy
It bends towards peace, for it is the most enduring of all
I am a refugee, an asylum seeker, an economic migrant
Call me whatever, Never mind I needed urgent help.

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Michael Dale-Asiedu
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