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Who am I ?

I am I.
You are You.
Is this completely true?
I guess no.

As I am I
because you lemee be I
when I am with you.
And there is my 'I' in 'You'
that makes my 'I' a complete 'I'.

I could have been lost
in the wilderness of
this wild wild world.

I see people ,
trying to be somebody else everyday.
Forgetting what they are made off.
Forgetting what they love and
desire deep down the layers of their skin.
Forgetting that they aren't just flesh
enveloped on those bones.
They are more.
Much more!
Who am i
They, we, everybody.
We are like a infinity- Boundaryless ,
abstract and at the same time concrete
shielding a thousand mysterious to be unveiled.

when it comes to I being I.
I find myself as lucky as the sun.
To be itself despite whatsover the conditions be.
And the sun's credit- is its own.

when it comes to me
its YOU.
And experiences like you
who lemee be me.

And lemee find a new me everyday
in the various books I read,
the various people I meet.
the various places I go to
the various choices I make.

You and I
we are coupled with lots of alikes
disbanded with lots of uniqueness.
And that's the beauty to reciprocate
over thoughts that are challenges to the brain-
to quench in for similarities
to decide on the variations.
And to stand stunned
at the different interpretations
from so similarly structured brains.

And to be happy
I am I
as that's why
I love me.
I love You.
that's how we love us
and we love them
and they love themselves
the whole world loves each other.

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