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Ashrith Govind - Honoring the luster of life

There are millions of young people who dream and aspire to build their career in a massive in any industry they get into. It's undeniably challenging to achieve those dreams, with the increase in competition every single day. Read on to learn from this young 22 year old entrepreneur whose journey is sure to help you learn what it takes to reach those dreams of yours, however big they might be! Read on.
It was indeed an amusement which occurred within me when I caught up with this 22 year old, on call, who left me spell bound. Ashrith Govind, an Entrepreneur, the CEO at Wiloop Networks, founder of ping cloud Automation, TheFeed and six other successful companies, Technology provider, Strategic investor and more, mesmerized me with his views on life. The vibrant young doer has whipped a new aspect of technology mastering the essence of it, right from his childhood. Technology is the love of his life, which has given a new form to his life. The crazily creative qualities instilled in him and his constant curiousity to learn more in the devoted field is what has made him rise as a star today glittering among the technological entrepreneurs arising every day. Know more about the conversation with this dazzling personality who has envisioned to tune the world with his highly proficient and innovative implementations by employing technology.
Ashrith Govind
Rakshitha: Your incredible interest in machines at this early age, is magnificient. What motivated you to think deep into technology to understand machines and how did you actually begin?

Ashrith: Machines fascinate me than anything in the world. My passion on technology, made me convince my dad to buy me a computer which was my first machine, during my fifth grade. As a pill to my curiousity to know more about the machine, I got a dial up connection which helped me communicate with people at any corner of the world, explore and learn a lot, which enabled me to do a lot of potential stuff. And this is how it all started.

Rakshitha: Designing a portable power bank as a 6th grader is undoubtedly astonishing, what made you do it and how did you even get this thought in your mind when other kids of the same age would rather think about going out and playing?

Ashrith: Necessity being the mother of invention, my motive was to solve the problem. My discman would always run out of battery every now and then, but I wanted to use it the whole time. Since power supply was not full-time those days, the situation demanded me to formulate something that would let me use my machine the whole time. So by using the resources around, like a 9 volt battery, I designed a portable power bank which made me imperative to come up with lot more other concepts and products.

I hosted my own social forum with nearly 6000 active members on a monthly scale and more than 250 active members on a daily scale, on my computer which allowed people to connect and learn about the various vulnerabilities that existed on the internet. It would help people to patch up in potential ways that can be thought of, to overcome difficulties. This served as the ground work for the later understanding of machines.

In my ninth grade, I got an opportunity to work in my uncle’s night club which was a perfect platform for me to explore, learn and develop cloud based centralized application and I also started teaching DJs about how technology could help them accelerate and automate their businesses. Parallelly, I concentrated on event management which fetched me a lot of money that made me walk into an apple store and buy a macbook, all by myself. This was certainly, a dream come true and this is how things drastically started changing in my life.
Ashrith Govind
Rakshitha: As a seventh grader, even before professionalizing, you would deal with cheques worth a few thousands of dollars. Describe how a start to your entrepreneurial journey was marked?

Ashrith: With all the experience I gained so far, I started with utility apps like bunk genius in my 11th grade, which calculated the number of classes to be attended in order to make up the minimum percentage of attendance. Another app would essentially depict the correct auto rickshaw fare.

Ping Cloud Automation was my first venture aiming to turn every person into James Bond of their homes, which were turned into smart homes. One tap on the phone would glow a light in the room. But since this venture was hard to scale, I had to move on for the next- Wiloop, which had 600 million logins and few terra bytes of data was offered.

Rakshitha: Growing tall and standing wise as an entrepreneur is not easy; Challenges are what test our determination. How did you overcome the struggles which you've undergone?

Ashrith: A freelancer’s life is more of a rollercoaster kind which is advantageous and disadvantageous. An entrepreneur can be super-rich at times or can also be super-broke. I stopped my education at second year of BBM, as I was not given the hall ticket due to lack of attendance. I was still fine with it, as I had greater things to look at. I am a person who never cared about my hurdles because I really liked what I was doing. Passion is the tonic which cured every hurdle that I got to face.

'Education is not the only thing that keeps our life on,' is what I have learnt from my life. Scope of work, understanding what is needed and connecting with people to find ways for learning, is what keeps you up. Rakshitha: Being into business right from your childhood and exploring it would have made you master it. So, what is your definition of business and how would you guide the budding entrepreneurs?

Ashrith: Business is to understand people’s psychology and get them onto dais. Understand what lures people to buy your product by analyzing the needs of the customer. Strategy is nothing but understanding the market’s perception towards the product and of course, focusing on management capabilities in assigning tasks and getting them done. For anyone who dreams to start up, entering an environment of your interest, learning the implementation of the idea and obtaining the knack of business happenings, must be the first step taken before setting up your venture. And never be scared to fail, as it teaches the logic of life.

Technology cannot change everything, people’s perception must also add to bring the change. Technology is the medium to deliver and drive something to them. You cannot really plan your life, going with the flow is the aid for a happy life.

Rakshitha: True and successful entrepreneurs are hard to find and you are one such gem. Why don’t you share your winning secret with us?

Ashrith: First of all, I look within myself for more answers. I don’t praise but do criticize myself, as it triggers me to compete with myself better. “Good artists copy, Great artists steal ”- is very true today; entrepreneurship is more of implementing and not necessarily innovating, is what I believe in. How you lead your life after a failure is what has to be focused on, by every entrepreneur’s journey. Moreover, not anticipating tomorrow, I know the art of social engineering which helps me reach the right people. Travelling is my best friend that provides me a lot of exposure, helps me collaborate with people and learn better.

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