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Ganesh R Katwe & Kathyaini Reddy -The Students From RV College Of Architecture, Off To Shaping The Landscape

It is indeed a pleasure to witness youngsters thinking out of box to propose very new and different ideas to the world through their power of imagination. Meet the two outstanding youngsters, Ganesh and Kathyaini, who not just proved their skills but also won in relating the current scenario to the situation that is most expected in the future by stating realistic policies. Read on!
Ganesh and Kathyaini, third year architecture students of R V College of Architecture, stood out among many, glorifying their interest when they enrolled for a national level landscape architecture competition with the theme change is the only constant. The young scholastic minds made way to ignite practicality through their imaginations by giving life to the concept called Forestry Zone which spreads all through the city of Bangalore.
Ganesh and Kathyaini
“What is the fate of our earth? 30 years from now, how does nature take over mankind? Flying cars come into existence leaving the roads redundant. Since the roads are already grey because of the tar, vegetation does not have a spot to grow” says Ganesh, provoking a thought about our mother earth. A month of rigorous hard work and smart work by visualization techniques, research and predictions, intelligent decisions in choosing an innovative idea apart from mainstream ideas and clear understanding about the reality and relating it to the future happenings, helped them to bag the special mention award in the competition conducted by the landscape design foundation; students from all over the country participated. “We worked step by step, beginning right from the concept and analyzing how to put forth our idea. There are possibilities for nature to go aggressive, hence, we thought of different ways to restrict it as well. We came up with policies which allow the mankind and nature to co-exist” says Kathyaini enduring diligence.
Ganesh and Kathyaini
Here are the 3 policies, the 2 intellects produced:

 -Using jali walls for the houses facilitating the creepers to grow and creating bowls of forestry on roads, so that the forest runs in and around the city, was the first policy to bring about coexistence of man and nature when a building has already been erected.

 -For buildings which are yet to be constructed, shifting and stepping back the buildings where each step having its own forest would help.

 -For tall buildings, sky scrapers can be raised on column so that forest can run below forming a green path.

In all the 3 polices, forest would not get disturbed by the building activities and day to day routines.

Opportunities are right around us, but Ganesh and Kathyaini made a difference by recognizing the right opportunity, taking it up and gaining loads of knowledge thorough their consistently thriving hunger to learn more, the openness for welcoming various changes and developments happening around, finding ways to get exposed to new things and molding their abilities.

Architecture is an art” states Ganesh, who considers it to be a tool for visualizing and portraying imagination into reality. Both of them have deepened their interest in drawing and painting, right from their childhood, which served as a foundation for shaping artistic qualities in their minds. “At college, though we have a compulsory project every semester, we don’t have much to explore. Our knowledge is limited to a particular topic or a scenario” says Kathyaini, prospecting her ideologies. Busy schedules are one of the intrinsic characteristic of the course, Architecture. As the time schemes are loaded up, students hardly get to sleep well. Despite all of this, Ganesh and Kathyaini accepted this opportunity as a platform to implement and design what they learn. Their interest made them spare an hour everyday to work according to the time table which they had framed. The sense of responsibility resided in both of them as they planed and divided tasks; if one failed to complete the assigned task on time, then the whole plan would get affected. Therefore, in this way, both of them coordinated their work plan and simulated their speed.

Ganesh and Kathyaini, stand as the reason to cultivate the sense of rationale in every student to realize their bit of imagination, prettifying the purpose of education and passion.

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