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 i3 - A rejuvenating journey which can vitalize lives

Magic and miracles rarely happen in life, but the their impact mesmerizes us throughout. One such magician is i3, which cast a spell on me, that i would cherish till the very end. Read on to know more about how the magic spell changed my life!
Drowning in the ocean of darkness, mentally blind folded, not being able to find the way out into light, I waited for bliss to capture me. Amidst the solitude, I was still nurturing a lot of dreams in my heart. Although a strong will power characterized me by constantly feeding into me, a ray of hope, I felt as if I was pushed into a puddle of pandemonium since I had no idea about what form my life would take and I was left with no clue about what should be done to start an era of growth for my life to prosper. Despite an imbalance state of mind, I would hear a voice from within saying “never give up.”
 i3 - A rejuvenating journey
The breath pouring grand opportunity then braced my journey of life, not changing me but actually forming me. I3 - influence inspire impact is that celestial spirit which casted a spell of realization, showing me the right path by providing me my oxygen- mentors who understood what exactly I wanted even before I spoke a word. I found a mantra in every talk at i3 which could turn every loss into a gain, replace every minus by a plus, add encouragement and remove criticism.

I3 has become a corner stone of my life, by not just supporting me but also by teaching me the reality and preparing me to face the world with a lot more confidence. I remember entering in as an infant not in terms of age but in terms of growth and ability. After giving me an experience of the miniatured reality in a season’s duration, this revolutionary platform bombarded my empowered edition which had a better and a clearer understanding of things. I call myself lucky because not everybody will get a chance to discover their selves.
 i3 - A rejuvenating journey
I3 is a conference oriented 12-week program which has got a stream of achievers associated with it. Each Sunday is a conference where we get a chance to listen to an achiever who shares him/her life experiences and lessons which frame our lives better. Along with this, there are 12 tools called projects, which practically prove our capabilities when executed with courage and creativity. Every project focuses on uplifting the society, which in a way facilitates our growth.

Having no glimpse of passion, I started blogging and placed it at the top of my priority list. The confidence that I had gained enabled me, who never wrote, to take up writing. The interest I showed towards my projects qualified me to win a couple of rewards and get titled The True Iuite of the Season. The two D’s: Determination and Dedication are the precious jewels which have ornamented me; It is such a pride to state that, my life after i3 is a refined and a better version of what it was before. I3, mesmerizing my purpose of life, has showered solutions for a lot of quests I was puzzled with and helped me formulate the path that leads to my destiny. Unfolding my blind fold, illuminating my destiny, surrounding me with light, eradicating my solitude, simulating and strengthening my dreams and goals, the fire fly- i3 has credited me with progressive ladders and has consistently fed energy into the spirit in me.
 i3 - A rejuvenating journey
While there are evils and negativities ruling the society, an all inspiring and zero negative environment is rare to be found. I3 is one such change driven pavement which mines the mind and heart acting as a filter to drain out the pessimistic attitude and ignite a spark of faith which is the foundation for the bonfire of victory to spread in our lives. Never wait for an opportunity, explore for it and grab before it runs away. The success formula i3 has gifted me is ‘to believe in yourself for the world to believe you.’ Trust once established, can take you high up to the level you deserve. Do the best of your part and let the remaining happen in its way. May this glorious magical gem continue to upgrade, mold, and release lightened achievers to the world.

Recalling my mentor’s word’s- “how committed are you to learn is what makes you, an achiever”, I would state “If I can do it then why can’t others? Wake up, bounce out of your comfort zone and rock on throughout!”

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