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Invest time in yourself

We keep working so hard that we miss to understand that all that we work so hard, is for our happiness, which is almost forgotten while we live this kind of a machinery life. More realizations to come as you read through the article.
Vocational aspect is an important aspect of life. Working is important to earn your livelihood. Working is important to shape your future. We work day and night  for betterment of our conditions.

A child gets up in the morning, gets ready and goes to school. At school he plays, he learns and then returns to home. After getting back he has his lunch and rushes to tuition classes. In the evening when he is back, he completes his homework of school and tuition. Not only this, he has to complete his assignments, projects, prepare for exams and appear for exams. A child is working hard to shape his future.
Invest time in yourself
A homemaker dedicates her life for smooth working of her home. She gets up in the morning before her kids wake up, yells to wake up the kid, simultaneously prepares tiffin box and makes the kid ready for school. As soon as the kid leaves for school, its the time for her husband and in laws to wake up. Placing the cup of tea on fingers of in laws, preparing breakfast for them, placing clothes, wallet and handkerchief at the correct place so that her husband don't have to search a lot for it. When the husband leaves, she hastily eats her breakfast because its time to prepare for lunch and kids to get back. She prepares lunch to feed her family at very correct time. Then she enjoys her afternoon siesta. As soon as she gets up and has tea, her kid who just returned from tuitions places wish to have some snacks. Snacks are done and then its time to prepare dinner. It doesn't end here before she sleeps, she has to prepare her next day's plan or menu before hand. Washing utensils, clothes, cleaning home, ironing clothes, storing water for drinking and washing, assessing needs of her home are other daily chores that occupies her daytime. So homemaker is busy maintaining her home. A earner just earns money but utilizing it in correct way is the job of homemaker.

A earner gets up in the morning rushes to to work place, deals with clients, boss and colleagues, manages politics at his workplace, ignoring that he works hard to earn to fulfill needs of his family. He works to complete the work on deadline and that completion brings happiness in his life. He works for the whole day and returns in the evening, totally exhausted just waiting for next day to start. So a earner is working hard to fulfill needs of his family.

We play one of the above roles, isn't it? So we are working hard for some purpose. We are busy to fulfill that purpose but somewhere in midst of fulfilling that purpose we forget ourselves. We forget that even we need time.

To be on time at class or at workplace or just to prepare lunch on time you forget to have breakfast or you just reduce your sleep. In our busy life we forget our health and pay attention to it after getting ill. In this rat race we forget to nurture our important relations.

Let me just ask you :
When was the last time you spend quality time nurturing important relations in your life?
When did you just went for a walk or meditated a while or just planned a meal for yourself?
When was the last time when you sat quietly and enjoyed the meal completely and thoroughly, exploring its taste?
When was the last time you sat and reflected over your actions?

A saying goes ' When I was ill, it was not my work but my family and friends that came to take care of me.' This saying explains that in any case relations have got a upper hand than work. No doubt it is important to work but forgetting relations, people around you because of your work is morally incorrect, because in times of crisis its family and friends that are there to help. So spent some time nurturing your precious relations, spend time to express your love and care towards them, spend time to listen to them, their problems, bring them solutions, spend time watching a movie with them. Spend some quality time with them and then the relations will blossom forth.

We never pay attention to our health unless we land up on something affecting our work capacity and any problem that doesn't affect our work capacity, we are okay with the problem. The biggest mistake a person does, is to ignore his health due to work. A person forgets that his complete wellbeing is utter important for him to work flawlessly or else he will collapse in some time and with him even his work will. We rarely invest time on our health like meditating for some 10 mins that brings poise to your mind and body, go for a walk that is great exercise for your body. Going on a walk with your loved one gives you opportunity to nurturing your relation and body as well.

At the end of day just rewind and replay the whole day in your mind. Remember all your good and bad deeds and events. Good events strengthen your self-esteem but bad ones will help you rectify yourself by showing what mistake are not to be repeated. Reflecting over mistakes will help you merge as a better human.

Spiritual dimension is now considered as new and important dimension of mental health that helps in personality development. It helps a person to sets his morals, principles and work accordingly. Spirituality inculcates kindness, love, mercy, gentleness,honest and many more qualities. So spend some time to sanctuary of spirituality to develop yourself as a philanthropic human by impregnation of love, mercy, honesty. In old age you have to live with your partner or alone. So either invest your time to nurture your relation with your partner or just invest time on yourself so that you can enjoy your own company late in old age.

So you see it's important to invest time on yourself. But people always have an excuse that ' we don't get time.' A saying goes," We never get time, we have to reserve/remove time for ourselves."
We have got 24 hours or can say we have 1,440 minutes or 86,400 seconds or 8,64,00,000 milliseconds. So can't we just reserve  600 seconds for ourselves?

No doubt work is important but are we that unimportant that we cannot get time for ourselves? You can bribe yourself like taking ten minutes a day for yourself will help you increase your working efficacy. So take out time for yourself and try to enjoy your own company. Gift yourself some 10 minutes.

So let's vow to invest 10 minutes on ourselves.

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Vishal Rajkumar Gudlani
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