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Perlita Emilya Rodrigues - The vein of art

Here is a journey of this spirited lady who proved the fact that essentially sacrificing a few things, is sure to take you to the level which characterizes what you truly deserve and has continued to live by breathing art, in and out. Defining dance to be the medium for expression, the doyenne proves the definition of patience, courage and will power by withstanding the unfading shade of obstacles which captured her vibrance. Read on!
When solitude became her best friend, when her passion was caged by negativities, when her life was enticed by the dissent, when love for her passion was tied up with chains of other’s unsupportive perceptions, when she was compelled to survive with souls which never accepted the vital spark abiding her passion, when she was locked up in the darkness of orthodox-stereotype not allowing her to breath her oxygen of passion, she continued to nurture the seed of art in the nursery of her heart.
Perlita Emilya Rodrigues
If you want to be called an individual, then be an individual” says Perlita, a final year computer science engineering student of Vemana Institute of Technology, who considers both dance and music to be her 2 souls. The courageous self made belly dancer faced a phase in life, wherein she was forcefully asked to stop dance and music. When her real world became dance to her, a lot of people surrounding her, asked her to choose a career as an engineer. Despite all the scolding and beatings she got, the love towards dance attracted her for practice the very next morning. She would limp to the dance company and continue to breath- dance. ”My dad is the best dad in the whole world. The minute he realized that I didn’t lie, he would get all the medical aid available to cure my scars and would wet my feet with his tears of affection” are her words to describe the bondage with her father.

As returning home after late night practices was not entertained by her parents, she had to completely stop her visits to dance companies. Not giving up, she looked for ways which would help her interest reach people. “Dance is incarnated in me! When dance is my identity, how can I live without it?” is what Perl says which strengthens her reason for not giving up. Hence, she started to choreograph in her way at home by watching a lot of dance videos.
Perlita Emilya Rodrigues
This dedication of hers ripened into the fruit of prosperity, when she was appointed as a dance instructor at Asda, a dance company after a year. Despite the objections and all the No’s opposing her passion for belly dancing, she always said “belly dance is an art form, so please don’t disrespect it.”

Perl happens to be a jewel ornamenting our society, as self made dancers and singers who rip the stage are very hard to be found. As a kid, she was captivated by these art forms and started to sing and dance at home. Later, she powered it by participating and exhibiting her talent in competitions and fests at schools and colleges. Her gracious postures further promoted her as the head choreographer of the dance team of her college. By exploring and expanding her prospects towards dance, she not only won awards but also a lot of recognition among other established dancers, choreographers and authorities of dance companies. Challenges always instilled her journey; discouragements from people engraved her mind; hurdles primarily characterized her way. Yet, the passionate self made artist never stopped. When she ran out of basic necessities like money, she found a new way to nurture her dreams-Facebook Live! Sitting right at home, she shot her manifestation of the art and updated it live. The immense craze and support from the audiences acted as pills of energy for her to rock on. She extended her panorama of this art into bollywood, free style, zumba, contemporary, bharathnatyam, kathak and the list continues. She founded her start for gigs by forming her own band and performing in various star hotels and pubs.

Perlita’s journey was never easy. Ups clasped her victory while downs always engulfed her enthusiasm. The zealous young personality authenticated her style of leading life when music and dance embraced her completely. The nightingale dreams to compose songs and is envisioned to open an old age home.

We eagerly look forward to see her passion turning into a bright career.

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