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Shankar Keshav - Voicing out the deeper mindsets of the teenagers

Here is an energy pill that focuses on how an ordinary youngster grew all the way high to master the art of inking the thoughts and emotions running in the minds of most youth, in the form of marvelous poems which strengthens the hope within them and keeps them going irrespective of all the failures one can undergo.
Shankar keshav, a student at Delhi is an outstanding violinist who has acquired proficiency in this art from past 14 years. He is an excellent poet who has produced around twenty poems, which are usually on love, life and things which teenagers normally go through. This self made poet has no mentor to guide what he inks, yet his zeal never stopped and he's certainly an inspiration to many youngsters today. After all, he is just 19.

The idea behind his strong passion towards composing poems is quite inspiring: during the course of his life, having been blessed with opportunities to meet a lot people, he made a feasible analysis, "many people in this world have emotions flowing in their selves but fear to let it out" is his understanding. "I wanted to voice out those thoughts and emotions through my poems so that the teens are assured not to be left alone" says he.
Shankar Keshav
He was showered with a blessed childhood, where he was raised in an environment which constantly taught him to help others, to always show gratitude and to be happy with what was had. He was reserved and silent as a kid but as said earlier, he was fortunate enough to meet a lot of people and this really broadened his perspective of looking at life.

His attachment with violin began when he was 5 years old, which still remains as an integral part of his life. His life is incomplete without the musical dosage through his violin's buzz. Though he began his life as a violinist by performing in huge number of fests, competitions, events and lot more, he had originally started with Carnatic music and further widened his knowledge into more genres. "My journey has made me more humble and also made me realize that I have a long way to go. Through this journey, I have grown as an individual and it has helped me see life in a much better way" was his answer when he was asked about learnings he gained from his journey.

Well, the challenges he faced weren't many in number as he is an anonymous writer. Content is what matters the most and not the name of the poet behind the creation of such remarkable poetry. He always wanted to write real, so he felt and experienced each and every ink mark that was contributed to the poem. His literal experience would give him a profound glimpse of the overall emotion, another person may face. "This helps me stay deeply connected with what I want to write and to try finding ways to improve the manner in which the thoughts and feelings are portrayed in simple words to make it more transparent." This is his secret to produce some really amazing poetry.

Writing was not his passion until he convened a lot of people, introspecting the fact that many are scared to express what they actually feel. This made him take the first wise step which would serve as an aid to eliminate the inferiorities faced by most youth today. His main focus is to connect with people mentally and energize them through his poems, which reflect their emotional and psychological statuses.

"I strongly believe that my past experiences have made me what I am today" he says. Elaborating his past experiences, he adjoins, "Well, I have been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people in my life realizing that, there are a lot of people out there, who need help but hesitate to ask for it. It is because they are either afraid to share or no one listens to them even if they genuinely want to share. Such experiences pushed me to do something about it.” Starting a foundation to help underprivileged kids is one of his future projects. Envisioning to give back to the world, more than what he takes from it, he dreams to have a future, filled with more poems, beading them all into a book. Message that he delivers to the beginners:

"Don't be afraid to climb a hill but before you climb it, I want you to ask yourself as to what your hill is. After you get to know what it is, climb it and never look back. Don't pay attention to anyone who is pessimistic. You just believe in it and it will happen."

By implementing all the learnings he has gained right from his childhood till date, he has developed his own renowned quality of inking which stands unique. On a hoping note, his poems are the voices of many common teenagers and would comfort and motivate them to get inspired and impact themselves and others too.

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