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5th Annual Internal Audit Forum

Join the 5th Annual Internal Audit Forum on 11-12 May, 2017 - Berlin, Germany
Following the great success of the 4th Annual Internal Audit Forum, the team is happy to invite you to its 5th Annual Internal Audit Forum, which will be held on 11th - 12th of May 2017 in Crowne Plaza Berlin-Potsdamer Platz in Berlin - Germany.

There are still new challenges ahead for Internal Audit in financial services. Internal audit will need to overcome challenges related to governance, risk management, compliance.
5th Annual Internal Audit Forum
The 5th Annual Internal Audit Forum will provide opportunities for attendees to listen insights, guidelines, practices from regulatory bodies, leading industry associations and banks/central banks.

Through the networking and question and answer sessions you can connect with industry leaders and build up your network all around Europe.

Get to discover the hot topics that include:

Regulatory reforms: Learn how to adapt to the upcoming regulations
Industry 4.0: Get an overview about digital transformation
Cyber­Security: Get know where internal audit can help
AML&KYC: Hear about the challenges and opportunities
Fraud Risk Management: Discover the key objectives
Continuous auditing: Gain insight about the implementation
COSO/ERM: Find out more about the ERM model
Information Technology Audit: Explore the core of IT Audit

Some of the expected speakers include:

Mark Carawan
Chief Auditor
Citigroup, Inc.
United States of America

John Bree
Managing Director COO Corporate Services | Global Procurement
Deutsche Bank
The United States of America

Christian Schleicher
Vice President CEO / Internal Audit
UniCredit Bank AG

Michael Lerch
Chief Audit Executive
HSH Nordbank AG

Csaba Hatvani
Senior Auditor, CIA European Court of Auditors
European Court of Auditors

6 more reasons to attend:

- Best Practices: Real-time disclosure of processes that winners developed and leaders follow.

- Meet & Greet: Alliance with leaders, connect with distant peers, share & influence.

- Build a Network: Connect with similar-minded peers and build a community to share tomorrow’s challenges and solutions. - Industry-driven content: Get access to the right content from the right set of people.

- The finest Speakers: Senior and higher management presenters from top-notch industry establishments proven to make a difference.

- Instant Answers: One of a kind Q&A session at the end of every presentation to promote interaction and reveal the uncertain

The iUeMagazine team is delighted to work with the 5th Annual Internal Audit Forum as Online Media Partners & is expected to bring Unlimited Inspiration for all readers from the proceedings of this event. Staying tuned to the enriching updates from this event is recommended.

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