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5 Signs Of A Skin Mole You Should Never Ignore

They may look like perfect beauty spots and a gentle flaw, yet they can be dangerous. So what are the signs you should look for?
I’ve been treating patients cosmetically for a considerable amount of time now and I love bringing a smile on people’s face. Just about two weeks ago, I had a patient coming to me for some other trouble but ended up telling me about a very funny looking mole on her skin. Of course, she I directed her straight to the pathologist and much to our despair; it was a form of cancer. Thankfully, it is just the initial stage and I strongly want to believe that she will be fine soon.
Signs Of A Skin Mole
Anyway, my point here is my dear readers that a stitch in time saves nine. Knowing what’s normal and what’s not is highly essential. The eyes won’t see what the mind doesn’t know. That is why I’m going to be writing on 5 signs of a mole that you should definitely not ignore and consult your doctor immediately.

Before we start, a quick brief on the mole:

Mole is nothing but a pigmented spot on the skin. It may be present by birth. It is usually single toned and generally dark brown in colour.

Please Remember the ABCDE of the mole:

A - Asymmetrical shape - A mole which is non dangerous is symmetrical. Asymmetry in shape is a warning sign that the mole isn’t at its best behaviour and needs attention from the doctor.

B - Borders - A mole has well defined borders if you see it. An asymmetrical or an uneven or undefined border is something that should concern you and make you visit the doctor.

C- Colour - The colour of the mole is usually single toned like I mentioned before, but if you see multiple shades of colours in the same mole; you must bring it to the notice of the doctor.

D - Diameter - The diameter is the longest portion at the centre of the mole measured in full, this should be around 6 millimetres as per the records, and anything over this length might be a warning sign.

E - Evolution - What the term evolution means is that you must see how it has come up. As in if the mole has suddenly surfaced or how it has changed its course with time. The number is also important.

Every detail as much as you can tell your doctor, is certainly going to ultimately work in your favour. Apart from these major signs, the other signs you can keep in mind is
- Bleeding from these moles,
- Crusting
- Scabbing
- Ulcerations

It is not very difficult to observe your own body. Let’s just be grateful and take care of this wonderful vessel that we have and we owe it to ourselves to maintain it at its best.

Be watchful of the above mentioned symptoms and make sure you consult your doctor and not your neighbours.

Stay Beautiful!

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Dr. Akshari Anchan
Dr. Akshari Anchan is a contributing writer at Inspiration Unlimited eMagazine.

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