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Thalassemia And Child Welfare Group - NGO From India Supporting Child Health & Education

Most of us have enough resources in life and still grumble about what we do not have, while there are millions of kids around the world, who do not even have basic necessities of life, including proper health. This NGO from India, is doing stupendous work, focusing on health and education of such kids. Read ON!
Thalassemia And Child Welfare group , an initiative started by a group of women with the only motive to help children suffering due to incurable diseases, has today helped create awareness and cure thalassemia -a fatal disease, for more than 200 patients from in and around Madhya Pradesh. The organization and its people have also been the reason to organize several blood donation camps and create awareness programmes in more than 150 schools and colleges.
Thalassemia And Child Welfare Group
Out of several NGOs that are striving to serve the society in different ways, Thalassemia And Child Welfare group stands apart, due to its immense passion to serve those that are experiencing agony.

Dr. Rajni Bhandari, president and the founder of the organization expressed her journey through the years, “We started as a small group of women who helped organize a blood donation camp in a government hospital. Soon, we realized that there are so many children throughout the country who are suffering from several threatening diseases, especially thalassemia, a deadly disease. Although it was challenging for everyone to make time for this cause, we all believed in being the reason for the smallest change possible.” Dr. Rajni is a well-known and a remarkable social worker who has always been focused on working for health and education of the deprived children. She’s also associated with various organizations including Cancer Care Trust, M.S.P.I New Delhi, Malwa Rose Society, Writer Bank of Blind, and various others. With a visionary like her on the lead, there is no doubt that the organization is bound to succeed in serving more lives.
Thalassemia And Child Welfare Group Thalassemia And Child Welfare Group
The members of the organization include eminent doctors, social workers, industrialists and several educated women. While many still consider women as a minority, this organization represents the entire women community with enormous pride. One could say women hold more responsibility in the happiness of a family. Alongside so many things to manage and prioritize in life, their dedication towards the cause is something one must learn.

“We have been able to run the entire organization successfully since 20 years, purely with the support of the entire team. We have always believed that the word of mouth has helped us gain publicity that has helped us receive the support of leaders from various walks of life. Every effort of ours, pay off when we see a child being cured from diseases, with our help. It is so painful to see some of these children undergoing a lot of pain, but we are only thankful that we are able to add some value in their lives, in ways possible.” stated Dr. Rajni, who was nominated for Women of The Year & Great Indian Achiever Award by American Biographical Society in 2004 & 2005 and was honoured with Indira Gandhi Award in 2007, for  distinguished services provided to Thalassemic patients.

With tie-ups with several generous doctors, the NGO offers affordable quality treatment to those suffering from Thalassemia and other dreadful diseases. They have also been providing complete medical aid including tests, surgery and medicines to needy children, undergoing painful experiences due to brain tumor, heart diseases, cancer and more. The group also organizes various events to support education of children, motivational events, clean India campaigns and several others, next aiming to build a residential school ‘Ashraya’ for street children, and are awaiting more support. Thalassemia And Child Welfare group has continued to grow stronger and larger in the past years, with volunteers from around the country joining hands to work towards the vision.

With such genuine and generous hearts selflessly making huge efforts, it is important for each of us to contribute in the smallest way to the growth of our society. Donating a meal, helping a blind cross the road, planting a sapling, saving electricity by turning off lights, throwing the trash into its bin, donating blood, teaching a child, volunteering an hour each weak, are some of the simplest deeds one could start with.

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