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Down and Up

It sprang up in its season
But the weather was not promising
It was in its season
But it was in a weak condition

The creator had mercy and rained grace
A plant with a story to tell
But it had no mouth to yell
Down and Up
How I wish my leaves were green
As a young plant was what I wished could be seen
This the plant said in anticipation
And yes it came it came into realization

All at a time of vacation
It grew like a plant by the riverside
And gave fruit in its season
Farmers were glad at its sight

While consumers sang songs for its price
It is really true that time flies
Cherished plants could not believe
That so soon the green leaves dried
To the creator, the plant really cried

And there came hope walking in majesty
Soon were new fruits, all in diversity

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Martin Kwesi Appah
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