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Shadows of Darkness

Each time you see a shadow,
Shadows are caused by the sun
Shadows of Darkness upon
you mean
Light shines somewhere,
on someone.
Shadows of Darkness
We can't all have light
every moment
of each day, every year
Sometimes the Shadows of Darkness
But there is nothing to fear.

Each shadow gives your eyes,
your heart
Time to count your blessings
Time to recall,
to renew all the beauty that light brings.

If the Shadows of Darkness bring tears,
Don't be afraid to cry
Cool wetness on your cheek
your soul stronger with each sigh.

So when the clouds block your view,
Just see the sun peeping through
Through the Shadows of Darkness,
dearthe sun is looking at you!

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Sonali Bhatia
Sonali Bhatia is a freelance writer

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