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She is a daughter, a mother, a sister, a wife
She almost dies to bring us to life
She bears every pain unapologetically
She loves and takes care of her family obsessively 
Then why is she asked to say indoors ?
Then why her working outdoors creates discords ?
Then why is dowry demanded along with her ?
Then why does that domestic violence really occur ?

She is leading a company with pride
She has nothing to be ashamed of or to hide
She wakes up early and sleeps the last
She is always a learning enthusiast 

Then why is the size of her skirt a problem ?
Then why is there always a “Gender Discrimination” column ?
Then why is her education and health are still unnecessary ?
Then why are her needs and wants always secondary ?

She is worshiped as goddess in temples
She leaves her home and in his she settles
She is a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer
She loves her husband and his family with ardor

Then why is she raped on running buses and roads ?
Then why is she forcefully pushed into “sex episodes” ?
Then why is she tortured and burned and sold ?
Then why her dignity and respect always gets holed ?

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