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Dressing for Road Trips: How to Stay Cute and Composed

Most people (almost everyone) love travel, especially roadtrips. But, when traveling for long distances, it can be a little difficult to stay stylish, especially in a car. Here are some effective tips you can note in order to be stay comfortable and avoid embarrassment when you get out of the car for a stretch!
Everyone looks forward to going on vacation. You can envision yourself on the beach somewhere much more exotic than where you currently are, soaking up the sun with a fruity beverage in hand and maybe even a cabana boy by your side. Or canvassing the nation on a fifty-state trek in a cozy RV that is your home away from home. (I did it last summer and it was incredible!)

However, getting to that point isn’t the most glamorous of transitions. Traveling is hard on you, especially by car. It’s long, hot, and somehow you always end up sweaty and disheveled no matter how high the air conditioning is turned up. And the truth is, when you’re uncomfortable on the road it’s easier to make stupid mistakes. Like say speeding down a South Carolinian highway, getting pulled over, deciding it’s best to contest the ticket instead of paying it, and then, well, things just go downhill from there. Not that I know anything about that.
Dressing for Road Trips
Well, prepare to put this to a halt. This will give you tips on how to stay cute and composed with simple little solutions to help you along the way.

Let’s start with the most important issue: Clothes! The biggest problem is finding comfy clothes that look cute. Over time in the car, they will stretch out, or get wrinkles or uncomfortable. The best solution might surprise you. Its dresses and skirts. Wear maxis or skater skirts. If you wear a skirt pair it with a fitted tee or spaghetti strap tank.

Seriously, think about it. It will get hot and uncomfortable in the car and these are super comfortable and lightweight. They don’t wrinkle and they are meant to be stretched so they won’t lose form. If you are wearing a skater skirt, you can adjust your shirt to look fit or skip that bit and wear a loose fitting shirt. If you aren’t into dresses and skirts, take advantage of the loose fit and lace shorts that are in right now. Wear it with a light, loose knit tunic top.

The next controversy is shoes. My mom always told me to wear something practical to walk in -- like age old sneakers. Wrong. Sneakers are a pain. They are ugly and require socks (which stink!) and you have to lace them a thousand times.

Wear flip flops. Never underestimate the power of flip flops on road trips (or ever really). Flip flops will be your best friend on road trips. Hands down, shoes will always come off while you are stuck in a car for long periods of time. You want shoes that are comfortable and can come on and off in seconds. You can wear the $5 flip flops from Target or a flashy pair of fancy flip flops. Either way, you’ll thank yourself later. Don’t forget- shoes can make a huge difference in how you look when you stop at In-N-Out or the gas station for a potty break.

Hair- It’s when you get out of the car that your hair matters. The problem is to keep it looking good until that point. Wear it up in a scrunchy. Simply twist it up in a messy bun on the very top of your head. Yeah, it looks a little silly but it keeps the strays out of your face, it doesn’t get in the way or your headrest or when you fall asleep in the car and it is so much cooler when all of your hair is off of your neck and shoulders.

Plus with its location, it will take away a lot of the stress that your scalp suffers from having your hair pulled back in a central location. After a few hours like that, I promise you will notice the difference. Now for the real payoff.   When you are getting out of the car, simply undo the bun, shake your head around a bit and enjoy your clean voluptuous that will cascade down your shoulders. As soon as your back in the car, put it up again and enjoy clean and tidy hair for the duration of your trip. Accessorize! My very favorite -- and most practical item to accessorize with -- are sunglasses. You will need them so bring a fabulous pair. I have a pair of Ray Bans, that always bring, which always add style to whatever I am wearing. And no- I would never pay full price-even for those babies.

You can also wear small studs, dangly earrings, a soft simple necklace or flexible bracelets. Don’t wear anything bulky or rigid because it will get uncomfortable.

One final word of advice -- which is one of the most helpful items you could imagine -- bring Wet Ones. During the trip you will get oily and sweaty and stinky. With these simple wipes you will alleviate yourself of much discomfort. Wipe your face clean, your hands, your feet, your pits or wherever. They are great for spills too and they smell fresh!

Now that you know how to travel in style, get ready for a fabulous vacation!

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