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Your Goal: A Mirage Or An Oasis?

The dream that you watch with open eyes, have you ever wondered whose dream is this? Is this your own dream or you are lost in someone's other dream. Wondering? Read ON!
From the beginning, when we start learning the alphabets, our parents and relatives start talking about our future. Then we first hear the words Doctor, Engineer & Lawyer. When we grow up, our mind starts forcing us to choose one of these careers for ourselves. And so we do. Then the race for the golden future begins. We start preparations to crack entrance exams. Some of us give up in the middle of this race (preparation), because we think we are not capable of it.
Your Goal: A Mirage Or An Oasis? Some of us do the hard work but unfortunately we are not able to crack the entrance exams. Then everything fades up, we start comparing our struggle and hard work with the result and also give up on many other fronts. Then we get admission into other streams for the sake of as blurred future. Many of us after taking bachelors or diploma degree not much interested in further education and start seeking a job for survival.

We all saw dreams, but it was the dream of our parents, relatives and sometimes the society forced (indirectly) us to watch. It is just like a mirage, when we come close to our dream we found nothing more than handful of dead spiritless sand grains. In the desert we will find mirage often, but we have to carefully choose to walk till the oasis. What I am trying to tell, is that we will get many career options from our parents, relatives, teachers and from whom we get motivated or inspired. But, before deciding about our future/career, we should know ourself, we should try to find out the talent that is hidden inside us.

Look inside, find our passion, the dream and the goal that connects our hearts to the brain. And I call it the 'soul goal'. As we know, peace of mind is very important in achieving a target. It keeps us stable on the path of our goal. That peace is achieved only when our goal has the right coordination between our heart and brain. In life, everything isn't going to happen as we think. Life has many ups and downs. What we have to do is never give up, not compromise with our goal. Not judge ourself with our struggle, instead just keep fighting with our obstacles.

Your Goal: A Mirage Or An Oasis? One day we will wake up from our dream. There are still millions of people who never developed their talent, they haven't discovered themselves. They just want to go on as life flows. They fear failure, they fear themselves. They don't listen to their inner voice and they follow that of others. What they achieve is the frustration and sorrow of life. The talent that was hidden inside them only needed to be nurtured, but they failed to do so and somewhere it dies inside them.
It's our life and hence the successes and failures will be ours. So let's not compromise with our soul goal, if we do so then some day our helpless soul will find us guilty, and we will never get satisfied with whatever we achieve.

The talent that long ago dies inside us, will keep tickling your soul. And somewhere the unsatisfaction leads to frustration. Especially in younger generations frustration leads to smoking, alcohol and other bad things. So please, let's not ruin our life. It's never too late for this decision. We cannot change our past, but it can be cured by our future. Every coin has two sides, if we lost to one side, it does not matter. What matters is the enthusiasm of never giving up probably, the other side is ours.

Behind every history ever written there is a lot of failure, hate, disappointment, embarrassment and extreme pessimism. But one someone makes history who has suffered all these negative emotions and overcome, he changes that negative energy and pessimism into optimism.

These are people who don't care about other's words. They just keep walking their path and focus on their goal. History has shown many of them to us and there are many yet to come, who will be known in future. Will you be one of them?

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