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Feeling Low Because Of Unexpected Circumstances & Situations? Here's A Way To Deal

Life can sometimes be very complicated. Just when we think that everything is going perfect, something unpredictable happens and changes everything. It tends us to make us feel defeated, broken, stressed, dejected and fearful, but there is a strong way to deal with this and indeed quite powerful. Read ON!
These unpredictable situations sometimes land us to entirely a new path which we’ve never thought of. Something strangely occurs in our life at the most unexpected time. Strange, right? But this is how life goes. Why? Because time knows the best! Because there are bigger plans made by God which are far better than you could have ever imagined. Time knows it best!

Look back at everything that has happened in your life till now. You must have faced such situations earlier too when something completely opposite happened of what you expected or planned. You must have felt bad, you must have faced difficulty in accepting the things, you must have cursed God and your destiny for all such things; but how do you feel now when you think about those incidents? Those unexpected situations might have taken a huge turn in your life, but how do you feel now standing on that new path? Content or still sad? The answer lies within you.

Life is a journey and we all are living in our time span. We all have different life’s experiences, different lessons, different life paths, different people, different choices, expectations and moments. The one who compares his/her time or life with others is rushing away from his own time span. We often find our friends getting married to the one they love, settling in abroad, getting good jobs with high salary packages, and we tend to begin comparing our lives with them. And mostly we get into this comparison state of mind when we fail to get what we wanted because of an unexpected situation occurred in our life.

For eg., We feel bad when we, because of an unexpected turn fail to marry the person we love, and we see our friends on social networking platforms updating their marital status as married to the person they love. This is quite natural. But the wise person is, who understands that we are living in our time span; if you’ve faced some unpredictable situations in life; others too must have faced something else. Acknowledging the fact that everyone is living in their own time span makes us not only feel content but also let God work as per his plan and bring us to our desired path at right time.So many people are unhappy today because they give a certain order of how things are going to happen in their lives compared to how they’ve seen things happen in other people’s lives. Let God lead you through your gut and intuition. If you find something not happening the way you expected, there is some reason. Have trust on those reasons of God, because sometimes your negativity keeps you away to get what you truly deserve.

What can you do to keep yourself positive during unexpected turns of life?

Practice Meditation: Spend every 10 minutes of yours in meditation. Meditation can bring a great change in your life; make you feel peaceful, relaxed, calm and unflustered by the events in your life. The certain amount of positivity and calmness that you get through meditation helps you manifest positive outcomes in your life as your thoughts have a major impact on your life. Just sit calmly in a peaceful place with your eyes closed.

Just stay calm and let the thoughts come and fade away gradually. Bring your focus to your third eye, and build a stronger belief system that you are a unique child of God. All the happiness, success, a great life are your birthright, and you will get the right people, desired success, deserved happiness at the right time; and that right time is not too away. You can chant OM while doing meditation as this powerful word invites positive cosmic energy into your life and make you bath in its abundance.

Have Faith: Have faith that everything happens for a reason and work towards making your life simplified.

Turn your mess into message

Although, it’s difficult to understand it at the moment when you are feeling the pain, in truth, the pain is temporary. When you’ll get out of this storm of hard times, you will find out the reason behind what has happened, it will either make you a wiser person or even happier.

Every little part of our life’s journey is beautiful, no matter how unfortunate or precious the moments or situations you face. At the end, everything is going to make perfect sense. So relax! If you have been low and dealt in ways that have worked well for you and wish to share them with us, you can shoot your comments here, post to iU eMagazine Facebook Page or tweet them to us @iUeMagazine with this link.

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AK Mishra
Founder & Managing Director, Chanakya IAS Academy and AK Mishra's Art of Succes

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