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Top 10 Rules for leadership in sales by Sujit Lalwani

Sujit Lalwani, international speaker, serial entrepreneur and author, has held thousands of sales meetings over the years and has been the reason to help many businesses succeed in achieving their goals. Here are some of the most important rules the man himself shares, to help you achieve your sale targets.
We live in a generation where most people in sales look for the perfect quick solution to crack more sales at lesser time. However, there are certain rules that hold true, and can make a huge difference no matter what your product or service is. Remember these 10 rules of sales by Sujit Lalwani and read them every single day before you start your day at sales and you are sure to turn your sales meetings into successful ones.

Top 10 Rules for leadership in sales - Sujit Lalwa 1. Detailed daily To-Do:

Make sure to make a daily to-do of meetings, follow ups, pending communications, eMails to be sent, phone calls to make, truly hot leads to attend, the links that you might want to send, the story you might want to share or the audio tape you might want to listen. Make sure, you have all of your things to do very clearly listed on a To-Do list, it simply takes away your burden from the mind and keeps you focused throughout the day and also gives you a chance to evaluate yourself against the list to keep a check.

2. Revise follow-up lists every single day:

Most people forget that follow-up lists need revision every single day. You can't invest your time on every follow-up every single day. If your hot leads have turned cold and your cold ones are turning but your list isn't changing then you surely aren't interested in conversions. Revise your list every day the way you change clothes every single day.

3. Meetings, Meetings & Meetings:

The one single mantra for success in sales is more and more meetings. If you are going to sit in the living room in your house chances are less that the goddess of sales would fall in love with you, but if you are out meeting people, she might take a chance. Meet every possible prospect remotely interested to understand your work and business. You never know the lead you thought would never yield anything could turn around to become the blessing in disguise to connect you to someone who would in turn mean leads machine.

Top 10 Rules for leadership in sales - Sujit Lalwa 4. Remember, every meeting is more than one sale:

A meeting is a relationship you initiate and begin. It all starts there. It can lead to growth in all new dimensions. Every possible way to connect to new people begins from the contact lists of all the ones you have already met.

5. Come out with a result:

Don't be bothered by a ‘No’. The R of Result is equal to 'No'. It starts there. Just keep walking is the simplest formula here. The one who says no today is just not ready for the purchase and never means he/she would never be. Puruse and you shall close a sale and you never know you might close more than one.

6. Make calling a terrific habit:

If you aren't talking to your customers someone else is. So make sure you continue having a call when you know meeting ain't possible.

7. Keep ‘right’ people in loop with right details:

Most often not having the information loop going on, makes you miss out on the support that could have just come in at the right time and you could have received a tip to close a sale or just the much needed motivation or simply information is sale sometimes. Keep connecting and sharing. (Keep learning from your mentor everyday)

8. ‘Deserve’ & never ‘Desire:

A little effort and it feels like we need to be rewarded because we have done what was the most herculian task. Our heart tends to feel for us, our mind must stay in control of that desire and drive it away until a substantial target is reached. Targets, are best friends of great sales leaders and desires the enemies.

9. Smile, Smile & Smile:

Smile closes most sales that conversations cannot. A welcoming smile is loved and welcomed by everyone. Seldom do you meet people who hate warm greetings. Selling is about trust and smile is the best step to begin building that bridge of trust with your prospects.

10. Sell your product or service like the biggest opportunity in the world!:

If you can't believe in what you are selling then nobody else would, but if you think it's just a product or service then chances are that you would just sell to the number of people you meet, but if you think it's an opportunity in disguise by all means, then you will build a community of buyers who will then become the ambassadors of your passion for the product/service and you will see a pyramid of sales with every sale you bring in.With this we wish you Happy Selling TIME.
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