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10 Ways To Stay Highly Motivated As A Rookie Start-Up Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is hard enough – then, think about being a new entrepreneur and you can surely find yourself in a world of stress. However, focus your efforts on maintaining your positivity, optimistic attitude, and motivation to ensure your success.
Nobody ever wants to hear the ugly truth, he truth usually hurts, but, especially in the world of entrepreneurship, you must always know where you stand.
10 Ways To Stay Highly Motivated As A Rookie Start-Up Entrepreneur So, do you know what the ugly truth about being a rookie start-up entrepreneur is?

The goals you set for yourself, in the beginning, will take time and therefore, achieving your business stardom will take time.

And just to throw even more truth at you from the beginning: The truly successful start-up entrepreneurs are not the geeky ones, but rather, they are the highly motivated ones. The fuel of any business is enthusiasm, determination, and perseverance. At some point, you will feel frustrated. Things won’t always go as planned.

So, in order to achieve your business stardom, you have to find ways to stay highly motivated and continue on your road to success. But, since you probably already have your hands full, here are 10 powerful and all encompassing tips for you:

1. Immerse yourself with uplifting, inspiring & positive people

10 Ways To Stay Highly Motivated As A Rookie Start-Up Entrepreneur Have you ever heard your parents or maybe a mentor say that you are going to be most like the closest five people you surround yourself with? Well,  guess what? That translates right over into the world of start-up entrepreneurs as well. If you surround yourself with only negative people and focus solely on your downfalls, you will find yourself losing motivation quicker than butter melting on a hot summer’s day.

Instead, surround yourself with uplifting and inspirational materials that inspire you to be a better entrepreneur. There are several self-help books that can not only improve your motivation but teach you how to improve yourself and your personal goals. Hook on to inspirational qutoes apps that bring you back to life instantly.

2. Engage friends

Sometimes it just takes a push and some motivation from your close circle of friends. Share with them your plans and engage with them to help maintain your motivation. It is much easier to stay motivated when people are cheering you on and checking in on your next moves. We are not talking about just facebook friends here, instead true real friendships.

3. Know your “WHY”

10 Ways To Stay Highly Motivated As A Rookie Start-Up Entrepreneur Why did you start this start-up company in the first place? It is much easier to stay highly motivated when you still have your clear goals and reasons in mind. Keep your eye on the prize at all times. Each time you feel lost going back to the vision you started out for is the best way to get things back on track and get them going.

4. Set a mission statement

This goes hand-in-hand with the tip no.2. Once you determine your “why” for developing and growing your start-up, determine what your main goal and mission are. Keeping a clear mission statement will help keep your eye on the prize and constantly remind you what you are working toward.

5. Make your start-up flexible from the beginning

Entrepreneurship is hard – let’s face it. It can be mentally and physically draining.
So, instead of counting on only yourself, set up your business model to be flexible so that you can enlist the help of others if needed. For example, reaching out to contentblossom.com can get your backend search engine optimization (SEO) work done – both effectively and efficiently. In the meantime, freeing up some of your time, energy, and efforts to focus on other aspects of your business.

Download the Group Call App, which brings the power of a call centre into your phone, useful for all your cold calling, follow up calls and team calling needs if you particularly use an android phone. It's a big time saver and ensures you deal with your day to day business needs with impeccable performance.

6. Build a routine

10 Ways To Stay Highly Motivated As A Rookie Start-Up Entrepreneur It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the tasks that come with start-up entrepreneurship. Furthermore, once you find yourself overwhelmed and drowning in tasks, you might find yourself losing your motivation. Make a clear routine that is both feasible and productive. This will help keep you on track – staying motivated and productive.

7. Track and measure your goals

Whether it is simply tracking your sales to see how profitable you are or tracking your company spends you should keep track of everything. Maintaining accounts books, keeping debit/credit card statements, bank statements and more in one place is important too. When it comes to credit cards there are quite a few options while you can click here for more information on company credit cards.

While you are tracking accounts and keeping a tab on credit cards, you need to track your goals. One key aspect of a successful business is being able to pinpoint what is and isn’t working. By keeping track of your goals, you will have visible access to what you should continue doing and what needs some improvement.

8. Set rewards

Everyone likes to be told they are doing a good job, right? However, sometimes when you are the boss, you can find yourself missing that aspect of work.

10 Ways To Stay Highly Motivated As A Rookie Start-Up Entrepreneur Who is there to tell you that you are doing a good job? Set rewards for specific milestones in your business plan to encourage yourself to persevere to the next milestone. Paying yourself immediatley after you hit a goal is always the booster dose to work hard for your next goal.

9. Stay positive

Through it, all, continue to practice positivity in your life. If you feel as though negativity is consuming you, take a minute to focus on the positive: How far you have come, which way are you headed and the impact you have made so far. Oftentimes, you are your biggest critic.

10. Stay rested

When exhaustion consumes you, you will see your motivation quickly drift away. Ensure that you are taking care of yourself – mentally and physically.

If you are a frist time entreprenuer and are making your way up, feel free to share your strategies of how you tackle your stress and deal with situations which are particularly not easy and can truly put you down into a weakening strength spiral. Share them on our iU eMagazine facebook page or simply tweet them to us @iUeMagazine. If you wish to share your story of growth with our audiences and are looking for marketing support from our platform drop us an eMail and we would love to support your Business in ways we can. After all, success of Entrepreneurs is one of the way prime ways forward to solving tonnes of world problems.

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