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A Workforce Like No Other

If you find yourself struggling to complete tasks in your workspace or always sit there considering the ‘what-if’s’, then this infographic is perfect for you! Ensuring that your workplace runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, especially in a warehouse, is extremely important to increase productivity and lessen the risk of things going wrong.
This infographic has been created by the warehouse management system software specialists PeopleVox, who explore the idea of a superhero workforce.
Superhero Workforce
Are you familiar with the world’s most famous superheroes? If so, what superheroes would you hire to carry out particular jobs? Do you agree with this infographic? Or, even better, what superhero would you be? Here are just a few examples of well-known superheroes, perfect for various job roles:

The Director – Nick Fury

This is probably one of the most obvious choices. Nick Fury founded the avengers, which proves that he is not afraid of a bit of risk. He is willing to make difficult decisions and is clearly a born leader. With all these factors combined, it seems silly not to hire Nick Fury as the director of the company.

The Supervisor – Hawkeye

Supervising the director of the company would be Hawkeye. He always knows what’s going on around him and doesn’t let things get past him easily. Hawkeye makes the perfect trustworthy companion, fit for the role of a supervisor.

Customer Service – Wolverine

If you need a friendly voice of the business, then Wolverine is your guy. His ability to deal with situations in a calm and reassuring manner makes Wolverine the perfect candidate for customer service. Allocating a superhero to customer service is a tough one; if one foot is stepped out of line then all sorts of commotion could happen. Wolverine is far less likely to react in a harsh manner and let his power get the better of him. With over 10 job roles and superheroes mentioned on this infographic, the chances of being able to relate are very high. A superhero workforce truly is a workforce like no other. 

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