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Ela Staniak : Every Woman Deserves to Thrive and Shine in Health

Ela Staniak is a Wellness Transformation Coach who believes nothing is impossible. In this episode of the Empowered Living Show, she talks about the importance of facing your demons and discovering that nothing is impossible.
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Nothing is Impossible

Ela’s definition of wellness includes all the 8 dimensions of our lives. Ela’s been working in Sydney as a Personal Trainer in the Health & Fitness industry since 2010. Today she is the owner of her business The Wellness Training Group where she helps women to achieve their maximum performance in health though online wellness coaching programs.

Ela’s Life Has Prepared Her

Ela Staniak Ela believes her life has been preparing her to become a Wellness Transformation Coach from a very young age. She grew up in Poland where awareness of living a healthy lifestyle was very minimal. Her family didn’t display many healthy lifestyle habits and behaviors. Although her journey started in a sad way, it’s given her the ability to muddle through life and get to where she is today.

She grew up with an alcoholic father who lost his life in his early 40’s to alcohol. She watched her mother who found it most difficult, become overwhelmed and stressed. Ela believes that her mother’s heart was broken and she also watched her pass in her early 50’s. At the age of 15, she had to turn to her older brother to look after her. He was only 22. She expresses deep gratitude for everything he has done for her.

Figuring Out Life Post Trauma

Although her childhood caused some emotional damage to her, it made her more open to meeting people. She overcame her shyness. She no longer had to deal with her troubled family situation. At this point in her young life, she had the realization that she got to choose how she wanted to live her own life. She didn’t have much direction so she figured life out in her own way. She was open to experimenting and experiencing life. Ela talks about meeting many people in her life. She’s had great relationships with people and other relationships she’s had to let go of. She feels that at first when she was on her own, she didn’t have the emotional capacity to deal with deep relationships. This is something she later had to learn.

She Chooses Her Own Life Path

After living in Ireland for 2 years, she decided to relocate to Australia in 2010. She studied fitness and got a diploma in sports coaching. She became fascinated with how a healthy lifestyle can prevent illness and improve the quality of one’s life. She talks about wellness being holistic and not just physical. She is very passionate about working with women. She believes that women are powerful and in tune with the world.

Blessings in Disguise

Ela realizes that if she had not gone through the traumatic experiences in her past, she wouldn’t have learned the lessons that allowed her to become who she is today. She feels her past was a blessing in disguise. Today it allows her to be empathetic, understanding and non-judgmental when she is working with her clients. Her past has given her the strength and persistence to move forward in her life and to help others.

Women Don’t Feel They Can Dream

Ela Staniak Women are sensitive. Ela believes that women allow the burdens of life to sit on their shoulders which stops them from envisioning what might be possible in their life. Ela feels that our society has caused us to stop dreaming. There is the idea in our world that dreaming is not allowed. It is women especially who feel that they don’t have time or they shouldn’t dream because of other responsibilities.

Ela believes each one of us can make a change that will also us to gain control of our lives. She says that all it takes is making a conscious decision and taking steps toward the goal.

It is scientifically proven that envisioning the outcome of an action first, then feeling it emotionally helps you reach your goals. Ela encourages women to forget about today and take to dive into the world of imagination so they can create a beautiful new vision of where they want to go.

Media Impacts Our Beliefs

The problem today is that with instant access to information on all sources of media, it gives people a sense of not only overwhelm but of not being able to have it all. We have all the information available to us and Ela believes the biggest mistake is most people have not developed a filter for going through it.

She gives an example of someone scrolling across an advertisement of a beautiful woman claiming the company’s detox and kidney cleanse tea can melt off fat and make you thin in a week. Ela feels that when women see this type of advertisement day in and day out, it causes them to believe that they too should be working on looking like the beautiful woman in the ad. She says this will program our minds to look at everything we don’t have. She calls this creating a fake reality.

Ela helps women understand that there is not simply one direction for everyone to take to get to their goal. There is not just one body shape that is appropriate or desirable. We all come in different sizes and look different for a reason. She helps her clients praise their own body and strengths so they can embrace their differences.

Reversing Habits Requires Patience

Ela has seen women fail at reaching their goals. She attributes lack of success mainly to a woman’s lack of self-belief and the mentality of continuously making comparisons to others. She understands that health and wellness advertisements are trying to sell products and to do that, they make the promise that people will get instant results. She feels this is a disservice because results are not instant. She tells her clients that if they are trying to reverse habits or patterns they need to be equipped with patience and understanding. The changes will take time and effort but they will be worth it because the results will be long lasting.

Ela’s Biggest Advice

Her biggest advice is to believe in yourself. She believes that everyone is fully capable of implementing change. She says, if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Once you start envisioning what you want, the world around you will start changing. She wants people to know that there are others out there who can help you. She wants you to believe in the power of other women. Believe that the whole world is not against you. The Universe has been created to work according to whatever we project out there. Belief in self is more important than people understand.
Lisa Meisels

Retraining Our Subconscious Mind

Ela explains that the conscious mind takes up 10% of our brain. It is based on what we can see and hear right now. The subconscious mind takes up 90% of our brain power. Our subconscious mind is like a sponge sucking up all the information in the environment. It records everything from the time we have a memory in our brain until now. The subconscious mind creates our system of self-belief, our values, everything we think of ourselves and the world.

The way to retrain the subconscious mind is to feed it with new information. That is why when you believe you can make a change, you will because you’re reprogramming your brain to think differently. Change is necessary to grow. Change stimulates your brain. When you allow yourself to adapt to something new, you will expand and grow.

Facing Your Demons

The most powerful process to go through is to face your demons. Discover the toxic obstacles in your life so you can face and overcome them. In the process of her wellness coaching she looks at the 8 dimensions of wellbeing. She says you must look at all 8 because one does not exist without the other.

She starts all her new potential clients off with a discovery call where they chat about one thing that is not working well in their life. Then she focuses on that in their session.

The Wellness Booster

She has a 4-week Wellness Booster designed to target the most common areas she sees that hold people back. She covers the mindsets around food, visioning, exercise and current lifestyle. The 8- week program focuses on all 8 dimensions of your life.

The Worst Thing That Can Happen

She feels the worst thing that can happen to someone is that they know there is something not working in their life and they don’t do anything about it. She is offering a short complimentary discovery session. The only investment is your time.

Ela’s Free Gift

You can sign up for her complimentary discovery session to break through toxic obstacles in your life at

Ela also invites you to her website (her name) to pick up free download called “3 Secrets Health Coaches Are Not Telling You But Should”.
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