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She's A Queen

She is bright, rarely is she quiet
When she stares it signals things aren’t right.

She is happy, she is chirpy.
She is the one who is always bubbly.

Heads turn when she walks in.
Hearts skip when she winks.

She is a lioness, the queen of the jungle.
She is fierce, she is wild

She will love you like mad but never tell you why.
Give her no less, and then can you expect more.

Make her a bed of flower
You will gain her favour

Shower her with gifts and presents
That’s when you can enjoy her real presence.

She is lioness, the queen of the jungle.
She dazzles like a sun

Having her around you will want none
She keeps you on your toe

Make her you friend, but don’t let her turn your foe.
She is a lioness, queen of the jungle.

She melts like snow
When your real love she knows

Never let her feelings down
Because when the lioness frowns, then your life drowns.

In her you will find perfection.
Everywhere she leaves lasting impression

She is the leader of the pack
You can never confine her to the sack.

She is a lioness
She is a queen

And she will always win.

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