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Self-love: The Perfect Balance Between Mind, Body & Soul

Self love can heal everything that your soul has been put through over years of expecting validation, love from others and lack of warmth. When you want others you always feel incomplete and when you want yourself you are never left incomplete. Here's Ana Sorina's perspective on what she thinks this wonderful feeling can do for and mean for all of us. Read ON! 
Self-love is gentle reporting to yourself, which does not involve guilt, judgment or self-discipline for every mistake you make - or for every moment you think of yourself more than others.

Self-love means caring for one's own person and becomes an incredible reservoir of energy, patience and love for others. Moreover, according to psychologysts, practicing self-love has many beneficial effects.

Overstretching and limited time are just a few of the factors that lead to physical and mental exhaustion. You think more about others, and you're tempted to forget about yourself -sometimes. Right?

Come on a relaxing journey in which you will find 5 easy steps to practice your self-love every day.

Self Love Movement

Accept your emotions

The first step in practicing self-love is obviously acceptance. Accept what you feel, accept with all your successes, small failures, accept and embrace things that do not get out of your way. Do not blame yourself, stop criticizing yourself. You're a human, not a robot! Stay aware of the emotions you experience and live. When we learn to live with our emotions ... they do not overwhelm us. We become friends, become constructive, help us do things better.

Practice meditation

Time is limited, I know. But you can find few minutes in the morning or in the evening. In those minutes you can rest , you can clear your mind. Breathe calmly and try to become aware of the way your body relaxes, it relaxes. Self-love is born from the care and attention you give yourself.

Forgive yourself

You know… you are not the only person to ask questions about how he did, at some point in life. You are not the only one to make mistakes, who do not know how to correct them - or repeat them. It's human. No matter how upset you are sometimes, remember to remember how proud you should be to yourself. Forgive yourself and thank you for what you can do, do not argue for small failures. Forgiveness is perhaps the purest form of self-love.

Self Love Movement

Listen to your needs

Because time is limited and you become overwhelmed ... you are tempted to give up your dreams, your needs, what you want to do. But renouncing itself is not a solution that guarantees the happiness of others. Remember that sacrifice has a low vibration, and in the love for others is born self-love.

Take your time for your passions, listen to your needs and give yourself the attention you deserve. You sometimes work too much and forget to live, am I right?


Self-love is also born out of empathy. Go imagine how you feel if you notice that they feel the way you feel, seeing them sad, judging themselves, blaming themselves for any failure. You would not like it, do you? Not. Because you love them. You don’t want them sad.

Love yourself so much! Practice empathy and you will always have a strong enough reason to start loving and respecting your emotions and needs.

Self-love: The perfect balance between mind, body & soul
Self-love remains the most beautiful gift you can give yourself. Love yourself and you will be surprised how many things will change. Changing thought brings with us the change that we want in life. You will understand that no one is perfect, you will discover how wonderful you are - and that you are doing infinitely more extraordinary things than mistakes. Why not focus on the positive aspects of your life?
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