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The Needs of the Dominant Workforce Generation: 4 Key Work Habits of Millennials

Millennials have created a major shift in the workplace that has been difficult for those in older generations to balance. Their key work habits are worth a read. Read ON! 
Work Habits

Millennials have shifted the work model to value several short-term positions that provide them with more work-life balance than a long career with the possibility of a promotion in the long-term. Today, it is essential for managers to understand how to manage millennials in order to maximize the potential of the next generation’s workforce. Here are the four key work habits of millennials:

The 4 Key Work Habits of Millennials

Millennials have several key habits that they have integrated into the workplace that are listed below:

Integration of Technology

Millennials take advantage of technology and want a more interconnected office place. This is why companies should invest in Coworking management software in order to allow millennials to collaborate effectively in teams to further advance their organizations. Investing in software enables companies to have employees collaborating on multiple continents, which has also enabled companies to globalize and even faster rates.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is an important issue with millennials that often sets them at odds with their supervisors in other generations. Millennials have called into question the traditional eight-hour workday and have sought out other methods to make income. In addition, Millennials have prioritized travel and vacation more than other generations, which has forced employers to create more lucrative vacation offerings to engage millennials.

Making Social Impact

Millennials are interested in making a positive social impact on the planet through combating environmental issues and closing the global poverty disparity. This is why they look to work for companies that are socially conscious and that ideally are making a global impact. Companies that present this message clearly to millennials will not only get better hires, but they will also have higher millennial employee retention rates because millennials have a need to truly believe in the place that they work for.

Work Habits

Needing Constant Engagement & Feedback

Millennials require far more interaction than employees from prior generations. Millennials require constant engagement and feedback in order to feel motivated in their roles. Managers need to take this into account when trying to find innovative ways to bring the best out of their millennial employees. The companies that have invested time in creating policies with millennials in mind have also had higher employee retention rates.

Final Remarks
Companies have had to do some serious reevaluating of the employment packages that they are offering to millennials in order to remain competitive for the top talent in the next generation. With the trend shifting from lifelong careers to hopping job positions every three to five years, Millennials have greatly transformed the workday. The increase in technology has also made different remote or freelancing models appealing to millennials as they travel the globe. Companies that embrace this change and plan for it strategically will absolutely have an advantage in the long-term because they will be more appealing for millennials to work at for longer periods of time.

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