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Life in a City

Lyrical conversations are about being poetic when your project is doing great or it's tanking big time. Here's a one between Janani and Sandhya. #GetPoetic

Taking a stroll down these busy lanes,

Views ranging from sky high towers to dusty windowpanes.

The soft blow of the fragrant city dust,

tells a tale of this city that stands this robust!


The bakeries bustling with customers

The ice cream parlours filled with kids

The pasta and pizza joints thronged by friends

The quiet candle lit spots taken up by amours…

Lyrical Conversations Janani

Ah! The people! What an essence they add to the city,

All the chitter chatter and the diversity!

Various versions of stories to tell of their haven,

The hustle and bustle or the sweet cawing of the raven!


Diverse cultures of small cities, many

All coming together and yet each being alive…

A place where ideas are worth more than aa penny,

The city life is all about spring, splurge and dive!


The people and their culture are what maketh the city,

The various role each one of them plays…

Each one doing their small little bit-duty,

Paints this city with hues of summer and greys!


Yet there’s rarely a neighbour with whom you sip an afternoon tea,

There’s almost no friend’s grandmother telling you stories without a fee…

There’s hardly any lands of greens where you can run around or just be

There’s rarely a joint family to return to with glee.


Plenty of them everywhere,

Yet, someone to talk to very rare.

The very charm of the city that is,

Chances many, go explore, clearing out any debris!

The fast-paced life that we are subjected to,

Running errands and many a thing to do…

Taking enough time for oneself,

Soaking up what the city has to offer,

Knocking one by one off its shelf!


Pros and cons for every choice,

Our lives are of our own device!

There are folks cunning, arrogant and witty,
But in seconds to none – life in a city!

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Janani Shekar
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